Asanakids - learn yoga and mindfulness while playing



I would like to introduce you to Asanakids, a project that I start on Kickstarter.
Take a look:
Asanakids on Kickstarter

Asanakids is a fun board game to initiate the practice of yoga and mindfulness to kids. It is a family game that can be played until 6 players (o even more) from the age of 4 but it can be played alone too.

It is a cooperative game where the players must help the princess too feel better. To achieve this the players will have to do yoga poses and express their feelings. It is a beautiful game with watercolour pictures and mandalas, that nothing has to do with religion .

Yoga is share. Thanks for sharing and being part or the project.




The project is live and we are receiving excellent ideas from #yogaforchildren teachers who tested and enjoyed the game. Like use #kundalini for princess #asanas and changing keeping pose time from seconds to breathes to improve #pranayama. We keep working in trying to share the yoga benefits though the game. Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:️:pray: