Association for Yoga & Meditation, India - BEWARE OF THIS SCHOOL/GURU


Do not enroll in this school.

The guru is a fraud, money-hungry and greedy. He also harassed some of the female students.

He abandoned a ttc in which he was commissioned to facilitate. All expenses were paid, money was given, he even brought his wife who did not do anything but disrupt the course with her phone calls in the middle of lecture.

They escaped, bought a one way ticket back to india, without a word to the students.

Do you really want to learn yoga from this person, chetan mahesh? He should change his name to cheater mahesh.

To yoga guru, mahesh chand, you should be ashamed of yourself. Do not use the goodness of yoga to your evil intentions.


that is very unfortunate for you, I hope you can forgive them for their blindness of greed.
peace .

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Yes, we have forgiven him. We send him love and light so that he may go back to the right path of yoga.


Yes this is great if you forgiven them because forgive is the greatest way for self development.Hope they returned to right path.


It’s shocking to know that up to what extent some people can go to fool innocent and genuinely yoga learning travelers. I am saying this in pre text of Chetan Mahesh who runs AYM school. I was searching in Google for Yoga Teacher training course at Rishikesh and that is when I found this weird thing. The owner of the school Mahesh has crossed all limits of fake marketing by creating a false impression on the minds of yoga travelers. Along with photographs from Google I will prove what I am trying to convey. When someone searches for schools in Rishikesh to do their training then when AYM pops up, you can see that authentically, they have less than 100 reviews. But with the fake and misleading marketing tools they have managed to show on record that they have around 5K reviews and that too with a rating of 4.9 which is no less than a mere white lie. I have heard ample of negative feedbacks regarding AYM school and owner too. Someone just spoke my heart that with your this misguiding attitude you should definitely change your name to cheater Mahesh. My precious advice to my fellow yogis who want to chose the beautiful path of yoga is that never chose this fake AYM school for you will not only be wasting your savings but your precious time too. They are simple a money maker with fakeness and lie as their chief principle