Best Way to Loose Weight


Quickest way to lose weight is by removing bad fats from your diet. The weight just falls off. The difficullty is maintaining it and not giving into temptation. If you are practising Yamas and niyamas (and you should be as these come before Asana in the Patanjali system) this will not be a problem


Yoga will help in weight loss. It makes you more flexible and it has many more benefits. Yoga can give you peace of mind, increase concentration, memory power, improves your blood circulation, regulars the irregular periods etc.,

By doing yoga regularly, you can experience weight loss gradually. You can do the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) to reduce the weight.


Pic courtesy: Sri Swami Vishudevananda

The Surya Namaskaram, known as Sun Salutation, is practiced at the beginning of an asana session to warm up the body, and to acknowledge the inner sun and its profound role in regulating the body. Though the Sun Salutation comes in many forms, the classical version described below involves linking twelve asanas. Every movement is accompanied with long, deep breaths, performed continuously without a break, without variations or pauses. Every round is made up of 12 different positions giving various vertebral movements to the spinal column. This 10-minute practice can be a very good workout for the cardiovascular system when practiced at a faster pace. On the other hand, it can be very relaxing and reflective when practiced at a slower pace. As a result, vitality, confidence, ingenuity, instinctive and mental abilities increase.

To know the step by step procedure of doing Sun Salutation:

Beginners can start with four to six slow rounds of Sun Salutations, adding one more each week. If they’re breathing heavily, they should pause in between each round and take several breaths. Intermediate students can practice up to 12 rounds of Sun Salutations at a moderate pace.


Avoid practicing Surya Namaskaram if you have high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis, during the onset of menstruation or if you had a stroke.

Article written by Mani Raman, originally published on Yoga Vana


Great point. Weight loss is essential to yoga and it will give you the body that you deserve. You can check out more info about yoga and yoga products here:


The best and natural way to lose weight is by doing yoga. Yoga is beneficial for weight lose and building muscles. There are many yoga poses and styles which helps in reducing the weight in natural way. Here are the list of yoga asanas for weight loss are given below:

  1. Boat Pose
  2. Extended Side Angle Pose
  3. Four Limbed Staff Pose
  4. Seated Forward Bend
  5. Upward Plank Pose
  6. Upward Facing Dog Pose
  7. Warrior 2 Pose


I found that I shed a lot of weight by transitioning to a whole foods plant based diet and ensuring that I practiced yoga almost every single day.

I found that on a plant based diet I had a lot more energy which made the idea of exercising every day a lot easier when I wasn't waking up feeling exhausted. Also even if I only did some basic floor poses and stretched out for 20 minutes, I make sure I do some yoga every day even when I don't feel like it just to keep me in the habit.

In the end the constant routine of yoga has led to me losing weight, becoming leaner and more flexible over time. I like to do yoga in private as well, I'm not a yoga class kind of person, so I follow a home practice program but it has really worked out well for me.