For Now, just Yoga


I have decided to test something. I am over a half century old and have been a martial who does some strenght training much longer than I have been doing Yoga and I have been back and forth with this thought and even told myself I would do this more than once, but I am now actually ding. I have removed all strength training from my day and I am now only going to work with Yoga to see what happens.

So far I can say my body in general feels much better after (what is now) a slightly extended yoga practice, that it has been of late after a strength training.

So now it is Yoga and Martial arts; Chinese internal martial arts. No weights or machines for now…so far so good


At the mo I do dumbbell weight training 3 - 4 days a week plus use of a multi pulley machine, my apartment building has a fitness centre. I go to Yoga class 3 - 4 days on other days.

In the Fitness Centre I always trained for strength . . .

My 4 day split, (1) Leg Day (2) Chest and Pull (3) Arms (4) Shoulders. Always use the stairs to the 15th (13 flights) after every workout. Use dumbbells that go up to 50lbs and the Hoist V1-Select.

In Yoga class I always put maximum efforts . . .

Non-heated Hatha Yoga Flow Tuesday 10am, Thursday 10am, Saturday 9am and a Thursday 5pm Kundalini Yoga, I always arrive 30 mins early.

Tai Chi Chuan in my apartment, mainly sword and sabre forms each done with a mirror version, my stylized version of Yang 37 (L&R) and Wu 108, adding more one leg balance when shifting weight to other leg. After over 40 years of Tai Chi Chuan I have developed my own artistic interpretation while keeping same posture sequence.

Walk everyday as I'm retired and like to get out and about.

My main schedule is . . .

3 days of non-heated Yoga but Hot Yoga options is there if I want to.

Apartment building Fitness Centre with DB's and Hoist V1-Select 3-4 days a week.

In my apartment Taijiquan solo forms and weapons plus calisthenics.

In the past I have focused more on just doing Yoga and go to the studio every day.


I bought a years unlimited Yoga, may not be using the fitness centre so much and work more on calisthenics.


If you are willing, focus on these 5 main muscles of movement as you work out. Look at the anatomy, think about where these muscles are on your body and what condition they are in. Can you "feel" them, connect with them, are they free to move? The key muscles for a full range of movement and using the body correctly.

Starting from Base-Line: pelvic floor the "Base" of the body and rectus abdominis our central "Line" and core pillar of strength, either side of the linea alba which should be our primary anatomical guide for alignment.

Think of the rest of the body extending from your Base-Line.

Trapezius muscles wide and free from mid-back to the back of the head, shoulder to shoulder. Like a blanket down the neck and back supporting the head and arms through a full range of movement.

The rectus femoris muscles like a strong pole down the front of the thigh. aligning the hip and knee joints.
The gluteus maximus muscles connecting Base-Line to legs working in tandem with the rectus femoris.

Focusing on these 5 main muscles has greatly improved my range of motion and strength, allowing me to release the physical tensions that I had been carrying around.


I guess just yoga is good enough and you dont need to go for martial arts. Best wishes