Headstand help - body is at an angle


I am trying to learn how to do a headstand and I am experiencing an issue when I go to walk my legs forward to align my body with the wall (or the vertical plane). In videos I see that when the demonstrator goes to walk her legs, her butt follows and is in line with her back. However, for me, when I walk my legs my body still remains at an angle rather than vertical.

Possibly I need to stretch or work out some muscle more to become more flexible? Does anyone know what stretches I need to do to fix this or how I can help it?


your limitation is not because of flexibility issue. What you are experiencing is natural initially.

it looks like your hands are not taking maximum load of your body and therefore center of gravity is being shifted. Focus on taking maximum load on hands. Second point is don't take even one leg up initially, rather keep both legs folded until you get proper vertical position. This may take a week or two.


You might think about checking in with your core as well. A lot of the issues I had with being able to keep a straight line with my spine stemmed from core engagement. This protects from lower back issues later on as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Your butt should go straight vertical. I think you need to work on your flexibility more. click here


This is also the pose wherein I struggled a lot and it took me a very long time to learn it. For me, I asked a coach to guide me throughout till I can do the routine all by myself.