How Do YOU Meditate?


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Optimal condition for many effective meditation techniques is total and utter relaxation.This is where surrender comes into it. the bhakt yoga element or giving yourself up to the divine. Also it where hatha yoga the postures and the breathing come in. They point to the possibllity. Some folk say start with asana, then pranayama then meditaiton. I am of the view that you can come in at any point. It has been said here that the asan is the bait for the business end of yoga.It piques our interest & curioisity through the energetic effects of the physical postures which allows us to delve deeper.But the buddhists say or some traditional indian systems even get you to sit from the start so i don’t think there is a right or wrong here.My route to yoga was through asana but for some people it maybe meditation even if they might not call it yoga… they might call it mindfulnness or watching the thoughts or the breath or some other thing.

RELAXATION of body/mind is very conducive for deeper meditations. I used a deep silent mantra which i’ve more or less since abandoned (i think???..still unsure here of it’s long-term integration) but you can get there with the postures & breathing.Remember all the limbs are inter-connected…that is yoga .

The theta and the delta brain waves, not the alpha waves are the ones more conducive to healing and internal transformation.

You might want to try giving Deep meditaiton from a go.Just a suggestion.It may work for you and help you along your path.There’s only one way to find out of course.

Hope this bit makes sense :-

Meditate is letting go btw.The technique part comes in following a procedure or point of concentration or mental exercise etc alongside this.It may start of as a doing; you carry out some kind of mental action or focus then move towards a non-doing or undoing you might say.The practices become emebedded or etched in your consciousness.

To do nothing, ie. meditate, can actually be more difficult than it sounds but techniques or methods and will assit greatly assist in this regard.It’s just a matter of practicing or doing the training of course…


Hi Friends,

Erwin here, Life today is so short because people are not that conscious about their health. We often don't have time to meditate, exercise and ended up on several health problems, and I'm one of it because often time I forgot to exercise and I'm so lazy to do exercise at home. I'm so lucky that one of my boss introduced yoga to me and gave this easy yoga course that can be done at home. I tried it and helped me a lot. so easy to follow and lot of effective techniques. I want to share this to you guys to those who don't have time to go to yoga classes you can do this at home, it will help you.

Thanks and God Bless,


I think the simple rule of meditation is sitting calmly then close your eyes and do not try to control the breathe. Just breathe naturally and concentrate on the inhale or exhale.


I meditate

I close mine eyes and seize to exsist.

I just wanish and all world wanishes with me.

Just me and MS-DOS.


Movement meditation is one of the best kinds of meditations according to me. I employ this through dancing. Losing yourself to the music brings about a state of bliss that is inexplicable.


I love to meditate. It has helped ease my anxiety and overall stress tremendously. Did you know it's been around since the 5th or 6th centuries BCE? It's great that you're trying to do 10 minutes a day because just a little a day is so much more beneficial than only meditating once in awhile. I find that it helps me be able to calm my mind and body in stressful situations throughout my day and life by remembering to center myself on my breath and let that life force energy heal and calm my body and mind!

I find that it's easier to meditate before and after asanas, in other words I don't just meditate. I feel that meditation and yoga are an important pairing and practicing both helps to benefit each skill. I center myself before my yoga routine, and then at the end I find that meditation comes easier after all of my asanas. Calming music really helps too because it can just quiet the mind.

I have a bunch of great playlists on my blog you can try, and also lots of tips on yoga and meditation at

Good luck!


Many people join a meditation group who meet-up. I go to a Yoga studio almost daily and arrive 1/2 an hour early and meditate.

Actually I walk 2.5k to a studio an hour before that to do Tai Chi forms for about 45 mins then the mediation as students for the Yoga class arrive. My walk is along a river bike path so it's kind of walking meditation.

A photo of where I practice my Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga.


When i was sick of streesfull disturbation,,, i couldent even sleep,, or my heart beats couldent even slow down..
I try many many thinks and some song also from the youtube, but not even that works.,, till i finally find that meditation isochronic tones on a page on internet and i finally start to relax..
You can also try it..


Hi yogis! I love sound meditation; I find it much easier than other types. I've heard many good things about TM so I want to try that next - if anyone has any courses to recommend that would be great.

I'm also doing some market research on the alternative medicines space (which includes meditation) - I would so so appreciate if you could fill in this quick survey - thanks so much :slight_smile:


I start by following my breath and relaxing. Eventually I can just listen attentively without the inner monologue. Then, subliminal images might surface or I might start to nod off. Sometimes though, I remain alert and quiet and still.


Meditation is a practice where you train your mind or induce a state of consciousness. You can meditate to realize some benefit, such as relaxation, stress reduction, healing, or strengthening your life force. Or for developing certain qualities such as love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

Focusing on breathing, visualizations, mantras or meditation music can help bring mindfulness to the present moment. This sets the stage to calm your mind.

Meditation can also be used to access inner wisdom and insight from your own higher unconscious or from a Universal power often referred to as God, infinite Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, or Source.

In general, through meditation, you can do many things better. You make better decisions. A few of the mental health benefits of meditation include greater productivity and focus, less stress throughout the day, anxiety relief, and better sleep at night. Meditation helps reset your hormones, promotes faster healing, and getting sick less.

It can help create longevity for a better life, build intuition, and discover your higher purpose.

Some of the spiritual benefits of meditation include greater awareness of the world around you and a deep connection to yourself and your purpose.