How to get rid of ocd


I have homosexual ocd. please suggest what to do? can nadi shodhina is beneficial ? I am on medication but not feeling well . always on sucidial thoughts and have no meaning of life. I have a daughter and lovely wife and want to spend life with them. i have done headstand foe 3 years.want to get rid of unnecessary thoughts but head is uncontrollable. I am doing nadi shodhina 1 hour daily but no results. please suggest what to do. I have heavy nervousness in social situation .


You are failing in these techniques just because you are already expecting results to come even before you start you practice. Your practice starts with expectation and ends with that only. This always gives no result even if you spend whole life practicing nothing will happen.

Don’t run from OCD. Watch it. When you are in that crazy mood , just watch it instead of getting carried away with it. Don’t suppress your feeling or thoughts.

If you do anything with full awareness, you get ability of getting detached with it. This is called Vairagya (detachment).

Your attachment to your habit, your family and to life is giving you all this misery. Suicidal thoughts are because you are running away. Face everything with total awareness.

Do yoga practice just because you enjoy yoga. Let result or failure comes on its own. You don’t worry at all about what will come or don’t force anything to come. This will change you forever.


Try EFT, the emotional freedom technique. It is a very good technique. No yoga, but it works!
Look for brad yates on youtube. He has very good movies about the technique. For example brad yates EFT anxiety. Good luck!

And also, if you are homoseksual, then maybe do something with it if you can. Unless you are biseksual.


You tube Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks this will help.
Also in a nutshell
Observe your reaction to your reaction.
Do something today your future self will thank you for.


I think you need to meditate more and clear your thoughts. site


Yoga has always been a great way to relax and at the same time enable you to be fully aware of everything. You are too anxious to see the results. Let the peace flow in you the way it should be. Don't rush things.