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Is yoga is compulsory for every day


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If you want a healthy body with the relaxed mind, then Surely Yoga is necessary for every Day. Don't take Yoga as a physical exercise. Make yoga as a lifestyle, yoga is an awesome way to healthy and happy life.
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Yoga is a science through which you can keep your body and soul healthy. But its practice is necessary for everyone, it can not say that.If you want to get rid of your physical and mental disorders, then yoga can prove to be an appropriate alternative for you.


In all sources I read, it is recommended to practice every day. Even if it is only 20 minutes ...Practicing every day 20 min will bring more results than 2 hours once a week. For me yoga is, above all, a discipline.


For me, yoga has an influence in all aspects of my daily life in terms of health, nutrition, way of thinking... It's like a lifestyle which is focused on spirituality and sport activity. Everything needed for an happy body and mind !