I'm fat, which poses should I do


Hello folks,
First post. I'm over 19 stones (266lbs+). My doctor thinks my diet is healthy but I do like a drink at weekends which I am going to address.
I used to be a bodybuilder so understand about exercise form, I had a shoulder injury due to a couple of inadequate spotters helping me on a drop set of bench press and since then I haven't been able to lift heavy. I had three steroid injections, a manipulation under anaesthetic and twelve months of physio to no avail. This was about fifteen years ago and I've slowly put on the weight over those years.
I don't enjoy aerobic at all and my doctor thinks yoga might help as I am quite a stressy person so maybe cortisol is one of the issues.
Can you tell me which poses are best to stimulate the organs etc. Obviously I have a belly that makes the seated leaning forward poses difficult.
Thank you for you time reading and replying.


The shoulder stand, plough and fish, hold each for 10 mins. everyday. I new a lady who lost 60lbs doing this sequence.


Sorry but, the shoulder stand can be dangerous for over weight mid lifers. You have no idea how much gunk is in there veins and so, head low poses can cause a stroke. I know of one person who stroked out doing a head stand.
I am also over weight and do:
Tallisana x 2 variations
Konasana x 2 variations
a variation of the chair pose (sort of a squat)
Wheel pose
Throne pose
The one where you sit with the legs out in front and touch your toes (can't remember all of the names
Stick pose
6 different pranayama practices
30 minutes sitting

Hope this helps. Remember - Asana means to sit. You are doing these exercises so that eventually you can sit in perfect stillness for hours at a time. You do not have to tie yourself up in knots. The only reason there are over 600 recorded asanas is that the were developed by individuals in isolation.


I generally mention these 3 poses to overweight people coz the lady I knew did them everyday, the poses where given by her teacher.

Basically they stimulate the thyroid.

I've never known anyone who would actually try doing them everyday, so can't verify if it actually works for any person.


Thank you for your help. I'll try them out.



Hill pose, cat and dog, the cobra, they do not stress the body, while increasing flexibility of spine and stimulating internal organs. I suggest that you practice every day, since 20-30mins of daily practice will give you visible signs of progress quickly.

As you progress, you can try this session, very effective for full body health. Take it slowly, bit by bit, don't worry. Feel free to try this out: http://www.loveenki.com/enki_gb/hatha-yoga-session-for-beginners-and-intermediate/ I hope this helps.


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