Instructing yoga and yoga poses: good book ,website, video?


I want to be able to instruct yoga poses well (Learn the jargon and vocabular) I already have much knowledge in Anatomy but not in explaining how to get into poses.

Can you recommend a book, youtube channel ,website where poses are instructed in a detailed and precise way that makes sense in terms of how to positions feet, limbs etc?

I basically want to be a ble to instruct about 50-70 yoga poses really well (the technical side of it first) :slight_smile:


Hello, I will help you to know about famous and traditional Surya Namaskaram, known as Sun Salutation, is practised at the beginning of an asana session to warm up the body. The 12 Sun Salutation movements are based on the 12 zodiac signs and can help us to be in sync with our physical and mental cycles. Every movement is accompanied with long, deep breaths, performed continuously without a break, without variations or pauses. Kindly continue reading:


You can visit this uncommon website on yoga Philosophy and Practice.. Yet another notable website on Yoga.