Is Wifi radiation dangerous, should I turn off my wireless router?


I have never done yoga before but I just tried Kundalini Yoga and it felt so right, like I could get a little tiny tiny glimpse of some higher connection. And after the (40 min) session I felt relaxed and chill. Bliss.

However I just have a couple questions:

First of all, I am currently water fasting, day 1. I usually have moist hands most of the time, but when I did the Kundalini Yoga my hands were flooding with sweat. Was that my lymph system cleaning out some toxins through the skin of my hands?

My second question is, is it bad to have a Wifi router in your room? I am thinking it probably is, but on the other hand I am already getting a lot of radio waves inside my house and through my body from the inevitable 3G/4G & GSM masts, and probably other sources as well.

I never knew yoga could be this interesting, it looks so boring from a non-understanding outsider but it is not!


Yes! Wifi router hurts you. It is better to be prone to lesser possible radio waves to the extent possible. Maybe the amount of damage it is making is not enough to be sensed. But someone can develop a capacity to sense those too. Making Dharana (deep meditation) on any object will make that object unfolded to you. If you are in doubt on anything, go for a deep meditation on that, the answer will come to you. Inventions and discoveries of scientists are the outcomes of deep meditation only knowingly or unknowingly.