Kundalini syndrome help me


Ive read several posts on other forums about this and i finally found out whats wrong with me. I am seeing a mental health doc and a reg doc and friggin everyone thinks im crazy “binks”.

It started out with me stimulating my anus, for the funny orgasm thing ppl talk about, for years i did this and started to get funny sensations. the docs did barium enimas and told me its that thing where theres little sacs on my intesten. after years of doing this my insides are starting to come out backwords (i tryed to make it as clean as i could)   

  So its about a year ago i sober up couse my life took a train crash, i didnt work no more (i work for my self). i started a 12 step program and started to pray and medatate and heal up, went to the doc's and all that. 

(i copyed this from another post couse its exactly what i got)
      1) Involuntary jerky movement of legs while I sleep
      2) Serious social relationship issues
      3) Pricky sensation on the bottom of my feet (for years)
      4) Severe depression
      5) Feeling that other beings in this universe are controlling me, 
      6) Lack of focus, passion in doing anything (i often space out)
      7) Fatigue (i sleep all the time)
      8) constant feeling like theres something inside of me trying to get out
      9) intrusive thoughts like theres beings watching me
     10)it takes me 2-4 hours to get to sleep

  ok..... now i did mass resurch and looked up Kundalini syndrome. i just started to medatate and all that so i didnt try to awakin anything (it just happen) ive opened my pineal gland. i prayed about releaceing the bonds on my dna. I have a connection to the universe i dont even understand, im walking around the deserd, here in las vegas finding lay line and energy vortexs, i got pine cones and broken tree branchs all in my house trying to clean my energy up. im going into sergery next month so they can sow back up my insides, and the docs dont understand the creating the enegry from within thing "blinks". my Kundalini is exploding and i need help


If you have unprepared awakening/energy overload/imbalance issues, then you need to do following exercises-

  1. Sub-occipital release exercises as there is lot of energy stuck in back of the head.

  2. Along with it you should also do Jaw, neck, face, sinus release exercises.

  3. You should also massage diaphragm area. Tap the rib cage area to open up passage of air through that part.

  4. Gut and Stomach release exercises

  5. Knees

  6. Pelvic floor and Hip release exercises

  7. Standing meditation , to direct the flow of breath/energy along the central channel of energy

There are certain areas of our body which are stress containers. With these exercises we aim to open up air passage ways in these regions making room for energy to settle down in lower parts making one feel grounded and stable.

I have compiled the required exercises which you can add to your daily routine - https://energygrounding.blogspot.com/

Hope these helps!