Manduka Mats


I never stopped slipping on mine…I gave it three months of daily use, three salt scrubs…still slippery. I returned it and got another mat with a Mysore rug on top. Its not perfect, but I really like the rug. When I make it a little wet under my hands and feet it is pretty slip free. I know a lot of people who really love Mandukas, though.


Personally, JadeYoga is my favorite brand to date… however I am pleased that Manduka offers eco (Eko) friendly versions.


To stop the slipping you can use a Yogitoes towel. My husband likes his because he says it is like doing Yoga on the carpet, feels nicer on the toes than the rubber mats. :slight_smile:


How much Manduka mats costs?
What makes it so heavy?
Is it good if one seat for longer period?


I own two Mandukas- one I keep in my car, and bought last year. Never had slip issues at all, from day one. Then I replaced my home yoga mat with a new Manduka (it is matte black) and I slide all over it though I have been using it, cleaning it etc! I do not wanyt to use my hot yoga towel all of the time because of the bunching. Any ideas why the difference between the two and what I can do about the slippery mat? I almost did a split in a Warrior this morning! :o


They are made with Oeko Tex material, the German manufacturers claim the material is safe for skin contact.
I use an Ultra Black Mat, which is exactly the same as the Manduka, from the same factory. I have used various ‘eco friendly’ mats, but as a 30+ hours per week practitioner I trash them pretty quickly. The Black Mat seems tough, is comfortable and stable. Best mat I’ve used. Probably wont need to replace it in a hurry, so eco friendly in that way.
It is heavy, so I tend to leave it at home and carry a PS Lite mat to class. Same material but thinner. The Gecko mat is also made of the same material and worth checking out.


Expensive but i hear they’re worth it.Plenty of cushioning and thick.

I’ve never actually owned or used one btw.They do sound worth it however based on reviews.


Unless you are the goat! That was funny. :slight_smile:

I just recently got a lululemon mat that is pretty much the same as the manduka. What I love about it is that it doesn’t smell (or off-gas) like plastic and that it feels incredibly supportive, soft and firm. It also has a natural stickiness that is just enough but not too much. AND, you can wash it without worrying about losing the stickiness… big plus!

It is heavy, though. Surprisingly heavy. But I’m getting used to it.


I have a manduka. I love, love, love it. Yes, it is initially sticky and odd. They make like a 71 inch, and a 85 inch long I think. It is much heavier than a typical mat, you definitly don’t want to lug it across town. As far as sponginess, there’s really none. It feels really solid. Does roll up, tear up, not squishy.

I paid a pretty penny for it, but I use it nearly daily and after a year of Kundalini, and Hatha Yoga it shows no wear and tear.

As for the sweat factor, well I don’t sweat a great deal, but I use a yogitoes extra long on my 85 in. Manduka. Expensive yes, but I take care of it and line dry the yogitoes and use woolite.

Would I recommend. Yes, even considering the price due to not having to replace it, item reliability, and integrity. For comfort nothings been comparable yet. I plan on never having to replace mine and have in fact ordered a 2nd one for my son.

If your still interested in reviews as someone already stated has great reviews you can look at.


I bought a Manduka Black Mat Pro about a month ago. After two weeks I gave up and bought a Manduka eQua towel. This is a great combination - it’s like a surgical glove for the yoga mat. There’s not a bit of bunching, and the slipping has gone away completely. I’ve finally been able to really feel how downward dog and Warrior II are supposed to feel.