Men's Yoga Mats


This thread blows my mind. “Styled right”?? In the yoga classes I go to I have never seen a pink yoga mat. There are a few who have purple ones. But most peoples mats are blue, green, brown or grey. The blocks available at the studio are green, black and brown. What in all creation is your problem?

The need for longer mats I can understand. But wider? Could you please elaborate on why exactly you would need wider mats?


My mat is black. It cost me $11 at a sporting goods store. I’ve had it over a year and I’m proud of the progress that’s been made in my practice on it. Baking soda in the washing machine keeps it fresh as the day I bought it.


What would you personally consider “styled right” for a guys mat? Darker colors, a bit more “serious” pattern on it, etc? I’m wondering as I just started a printed yoga towel brand and we’re trying to figure out what do to for our guy designs (I’m a guy btw). I’m also debating doing mats and we’re trying to figure out a way to integrate a bit more design than normal into them. Personally I have a beat to death black lulu The Mat but I really want something a bit wider. I like the lighter colors sometimes as well but they get trashed looking in just a couple of classes.

And in an attempt to kick a bit of traffic to my website… if you want to check out our custom yoga towel designs and even suggest something (patterns, colors, etc) that you would want to see for for guys you can check out my custom yoga towel website (search customyogitowels and add the dot com) Just did these cool retro style towels on Friday. Granted “Namaste” on yoga merch is way overused but hey, gotta love the stripes! I was going to post a pic but I don’t think I can since it’s my first post.