Motionless Meditation


You used the word freedom and true.

So there can be a state of mind, independent from the outside events, where you just feel stable freedom and truth, not good or bad, you just see the world, your world, you see it with a neutral mind, you see yourself as a part of everything, but you see yourself from a higher place, you command yourself, but you are not yourself, you are a consciousness of the world as it is around you because you understand you are not in control of the events, so dont feel it, live it and watch.

Why feel something you cant really control. If someone asked you: do you want to join a game where you are not in true control, and you will feel bad and good but i cant garantee nothing, if your lucky you will feel most of the times good but if you are unlucky you will, most of the times, be miserable.

Would you want to play it? Then he says to you, allright, play the game, but you wont feel anything, good or bad. Wouyld you play it?

Id rather play the last game

Is this the way?


Yes this the way, explained in basic words, Jose.

I only have one thing to ad that I felt missing in your words, which is that once you stop messing around in the world of endless emotion, you will still feel something, but something higher will shine through.

So it is not like you go completely numb and don’t feel anything, like a rock does. Experience is a feeling as well, kinda, its just not an emotion and it is not depending on anything but you. It is a state of being, a blisfull peace and experience that transcends emotion.

So in this state of purity, no matter what game I would participate in, I would always be different from the game, I would always know and recognize the difference between myself and the game I am playing and I would always be in bliss and peace, regardless of the game people want me to play. That way I am free to participate in anything, for I am immortal and untouchable. Nothing can harm me or influence me, I am in full control over my being, my soul, my experience.

Love & Light,

Bentinho Massaro


Hi Jose, you might want to practice Mindful meditation. It has really helped me.