Spiritual music

sorcery powers which includes all powers are real and i will not let anyone get them when i am ruling in heaven in consciousness if you have sinned in consciousness

In this method the god mantras are for like someone controlling your body or playing with the gODS.

God wants to play someone might say and then there was a god that didn’t want to play. The praying person said I will polish this jewel on all sides and using the techniques many times for strengthening very precise synchronicities for all people near by to keep them tuned and easily cleansing and working. The person who said god didn’t want to play with them said I will go to the diamond wall between me and the people have polished for blessing people so the person meditating and just there in the persons mind there was a stack of walls kept representing the segment in distance between the blessers and the receivers made of all shapes and designs fitting each of the techniques and types of sides and some in general and exactly just representative ways so the person found where the polisher illuminated those mantras kindly for that person who themself there and by the method of receiving blessings and understanding relativity in, sure, certain ways deilluminated the jewel by omshantiblessing it and illuminated any one’s they wanted instead of the one that said I want to play with you God.

Energy mass constant
Energy vibration frequency

Mass vibrates because of energy and is vibrates frequently

Buddham saranam Guchami dharmam saranam guchami sargam saranam Guchami (the mission of perfection seeks the dharma which comes from the form of the Buddha). You are going into your future Buddha forms, you are mastering dharma, you are receiving gifts from a million billion trillion Buddha forms which are like singers teaching.

Namo amituofo

Om shanti bless Om ah ra pa tsa na dhih om shanti bless
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