Yoga and Weight Loss


I do not about other's view but i think if we have proper guide or book or video of yoga training then we can do it at home for losing weight and I am getting benefits from it. I started it since last month and i saw some results. I do not i am allowed or not to do this but i want to share my yoga training here


Hi Radianceinprogress!
I can see myself in your question and I just wanted to share some thoughts.

Losing weight isn't quit a simple task, it requires a good amount of will power and strength.
For me the point is the following:
Your recent state is kind of a product of your past actions and habits! And if I know something for sure about humans, then it's that they love to stick to their habits...

So I see it like this: Any physical movement burns energy in your body so basically that's the easy part.
BUT having the will power to go through that on a regular basis is a different story.

In my opinion, that's when yoga starts getting a good option.
Yoga is a really really good training in calming down your mind and living in the here and now.
And I truly think that the mind is most of the time responsible for sticking to old structures and the beloved comfort zone.

So my tip for you is: HELL YEAH Do Yoga to Lose weight!
Furthermore you can check your everyday life for places that could be improved.
For example taking the bike to work instead of your car or join a running group.

I recently wrote an article about a video course on how to lose weight with yoga you might want to check out!

I hope you got something out of that!



My yoga master asked a question. We have heart specialist.. dentist and special doctors for all our organs. But Cows dont have that.. They just have one doctor. Because we started having cooked foods and cows are still having natural foods.

So he suggested this. Try to eat only fruits and vegetables for dinner and on one day in a week try to eat only fruits and vegetables. At first this will be little tough but we will get used to it.

It will help a lot in weight loss.