Yoga at home or in the studio?


I find nothing really replaces a good teacher led class. But I have been investigating some good online courses to supplement my practice.

I've finally built up a good set of props at home when I'm doing Iyengar practice and I've found some good resources online like which has some written sequences which are nice and easy to follow.

Other than that I tend to practice once or twice a week at the studio and try to break up my day in front of the computer with small 20 minute sessions.


I personally feel that doing Yoga at a studio is much better than doing it at home because of the many benefits it has which includes being able to meet new people, before and after the yoga class it is always nice to meet new people and understand their story and why they do yoga. It also helps because everyone is very open and they may also provide a range of different tips which can help you perform your yoga workout better. There is also a range of different demographics that attend the classes so you can meet a range of different people from different backgrounds.

In addition, Yoga at a studio also allows the opportunity for you to go on retreats with other people from your studio which gives you a new experience because you are either going to a different country or somewhere new within your country and this provides a new insight into Yoga and will also make you look at the world differently.


If you are a newbie to Yoga, you would be better of practicing in a studio under the guidance of a teacher. That way you will be doing asanas appropriate to your levels rather than anything that is available on the internet which might be suitable for a more advanced practitioner. Also it would help you to do the asanas correctly and any flaws/ misalignment would get rectified.

If you are an experienced practitioner, you can combine a studio session with a daily session at home.


We would like to suggest studio is better to do yoga. A place where one can be free of any kind of tensions and can attain peace of mind for at least one hour in their everyday your busy schedules. In every classes will provide you with the tools for you to enhance the quality of your life in the way that suits the nature of your existence most.


I do both - at home is definitely more convenient because there's no commute time. But I need to find the right time when there are no distractions. It also takes more discipline to create the ambiance at home that the studio creates for me. I find simply having a diffuser going with therapeutic grade essential oils instantly creates a lovely ambiance and helps me to 'get into the zone'. Also scheduling the time in the previous day as if it's an 'appointment' and prioritising that time:-)