Yoga for scoliosis? Please share your thoughts


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[QUOTE=CityMonk;50936]I’m just wondering if you have seen a scoliosis in athletic people. What are chances for a kid to develop this condition in the future if he always physically active? (assuming that he she doesn’t have any genetic reasons for developing scoliosis)[/QUOTE]

Ahhh…That is actually a relatively complex question. Athletics and physical activity have absolutely nothing to do with adolescent idopathic scoliosis unless the patient has genetic predisposition for the condition.

Essentially, a patient must have a significant genetic predisposition and sufficient environmental risk factors to develop the condition. Any scoliosis treatment that has any hopes of altering the natural course of the condition must focus on the reduction of environmental factors while the curvature is still in it’s earliest stages.


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Just to summarise some basics of classical yogic anatomy and 5 kosha or bodies theory as you said you were interested in that kind of “out the box” thinking.

The koshas are like babushka dolls inside each other.

The physcial body is affected by the pranic which in turn is affected by the mental…though they also conversely also affect each other…but if you watched those vids they talked about this model.

Then you have the wisdom or intellectual body and beneath that still ,pure bliss consciousness, our natural state, our birth-right.

So when you see these yogis that have adamantine bodies and beautiful radiance and beauty they live from pure bliss consciousness.And then you have spirit or soul. But this is just a model rememebr. This is our true self but in the society man has made for himself there has been a disconnect to spirit and all kinds of problems manifest because of that.

So if you understand this, you’ll understand why the yogic anatomy is different with subtle realms and subller still beyond the nervous system and outer layers. is a little primer

Also the breath is like the bridge between the mind and the physical body. When we do pranayam we can affect this second sheath or kosha, the pranamayakosha or energy body.

I say model , sanskrit translated:-

maya-illusion i.e it’s just a model, a concept, and concepts are mental phenoemna so they are not really real in some kiind of sense;they’re form
kosha- sheath/body/layer etc

So the paradigms are obviously different.


Anyway, I encourage you to view both parts because he gives a good overview that I feel is necessary for you to get a better idea of yoga.


Part I (6 minutes)

Part II (8 minutes)[/QUOTE]

Most appreciated Sparky. I’m confident it will be 14 min of my life well spent.

Thank you.


Yoga can be a great option to help, but special treatment is needed to really fix the issue. Check out our great non surgical options to treat it at


Yoga does help in Scoliosis but it depends who is teaching. For orthopedic issues and other contraindications, seasoned yoga teacher is required.

I have helped few student of mine correct the spine alignment but again I am sure it needs experience and passion for therapy.


Facing the issue of scoliosis, then you can follow the yoga asanas sequence for curing this issue in your daily life.
• Cat pose
• Cow pose
• Child pose
• Bar stretch.
• Triangle pose
• Warrior 1
• Half handstand
• Inversions
• Shoulder stand