Yoga Mat Reviews and Recommendations


I love my Manduka mats - I have a black mat and a travel mat from them.

However, if I were to buy a mat now, I would get the prAna Revolution Mat. It’s super supportive, eco-friendly, wide, long - here, this video explains it nicely and is a fun watch:


I am looking for the best yoga mat in the UK or somewhere nearby in Europe for bikram yoga and I was recommended Manduka Yoga Mats from Allergy Liberation. Has anyone tried Manduka for Bikram ?


Definitely the Manduka black mat. I got mine 4 years ago when it was called ulti-mat. Use it almost everyday and its still new.

emilyjackson I find that what works best for hot yoga is to put a skidless by yogitoes on top of your mat.


I think Gaiam has good stuff, also they have good deals. ttp://


I’ve gone through two Prana Eco mats (the kitty wrecked the first one) and its been great. Just wish they made it in a 74 or 80 inch version since I’m taller than the mat.

One key aspect of mat care - keep it rolled and away from cats!


kiran look at the prana revolution. its 30" x 78". I checked it out after katrina’s reply and I’ m getting one as soon as prana new collection comes out (feb 1). Its only going to be available to buy from prana at that time. I love my black mat but always felt it was not wide enough.


Hello Everyone: I have enjoyed reading your reviews and found them very helpful. After reading your reviews, I purchased a new Black Pro Manduka yoga mat and its carrying case (designed to carry the Black Pro).

This mat is huge and heavy and I struggle with putting the mat into and taking it out of the bag. This may sound silly, but can ANYONE please give me suggestions as to how I can roll the mat in/out of the bag with ease? I don’t want to be the last person leaving the yoga studio! :lol:

Thank you.


What do you all think of the PrAna Revolution Yoga Mat?
I looked at the Black Mat you’ve all been discussing as I am looking for a thicker mat on which I can kneel and have less knee pain. The Black Mat sounds great, but considering the weight and how cumbersome it seems to be according to reviews on Amazon, I was guided to the above mat, which is a little easier to tote around. I’m willing to sacrifice a little thickness for ease of transport.

Anyone here tried this mat and like it? I am not concerned too much with slipping, so that’s not a huge factor for me.



how is the revolution less cumbersome? its 30" wide :stuck_out_tongue:


Not as thick or heavy.


Well the prana revolution is about 9 lbs and the manduka is 7 lbs for the standard and 8.5 lbs for the extra long.

I’m thinking of getting a revolution regardless. I want the mat space :wink:


I’m also considering the the Jade harmony xw that is 27" X 74" at about 5 lbs. But the comments so far seem to be that they biodegrade on you :frowning:


Hi Rainbow
I have surprised that you have purchased one mat cost $72 for your information their is no special mat for yoga its business now a days if you have any nature made mat or cotton mat which feel comfortable its sufficient for yoga ,mat is for only yogi kriya not for sleeping but take care for Sirshe asana use soft extra cotton make bed sheet

Om Jai Maha avatar Babaji*
---- Maruchi


The Prana Revolution mat is listed at 8.2lbs for shipping - which I did not look at until you mentioned it was heavier than the black mat, jlg!
I don’t know how but I got the impression it was lighter and easier to handle from the reviews I read. I had better read more carefully.

Samarjit, you are right, it is business now. We really don’t need to buy a mat, it just makes it more convenient for us to have one if we feel the need for it I think.

I know I like having the convenience of a mat I can just roll up and take it where I want to go, and I plan to get one that will last me many years and still be environment friendly. :slight_smile: For now, I’m using my cheapo thin one I got for $11. :stuck_out_tongue:


samarjit! I would say that the yoga mat also depends on the type of yoga you do. I wouldn’t see myself doing something active like ashtanga on a cotton mat.


finaly got a jade harmony xw. I like the fact that it is more compact, lighter, wider than the manduka but it feels like slippery sand paper. I hope it gets better with time.



Every things is mind setup its depends on you, but if you are serious about yoga just do it ,mat doesn’t matter a yogi just do his yoga on nature made mat if your serious about ur study any how u read it but so many person can’t study with proper table ,chair and lamp its just mind setup change it u become more confortable with ur present circumstances


samarjit: how do you define nature made mat?


i honestly prefer the KarmaMantra eco mat.

i think its great… i was skeptical of it, because it was a new company… but the price was extremely cheap so i ordered it and i love it!!!

i think the website was called i have to check my email but ill find it and post the link for all to see :slight_smile:


i found it :smiley: but i cant posts links yet it says.

but its and if you go under the yoga section and click yoga mats… its the first mat the green one!