Yoga Mat Reviews and Recommendations


they all falling apart quickly…i got my mats from Ross for $6 and they last for few years…yes, they are no eco and fancy, but they are good mats.


Does anyone have any experience with Zenactive mats? I guess they are a new company. They are described as: “Extra Thick 1/4” (7mm) Non-slip, Extra Long 72" Memory Foam, ECO Friendly, Comes with 100% Guarantee."

It’s “[I]only[/I]” $45.



Zenactive mats are actually pretty decent. The only downside to them though are they get to be slippery for me sometimes. A lot people I know seems to be very happy with what they’re getting out of it. Overall nice quality especially when you take the price into consideration.


A quick search on amazon reveals exactly what you’re looking for. It’s called Ultimate Yoga Mat by Ali Rangwala. It’s not made of eco-materials but it’s very durable and boosts a 4.4/5 review on amazon. I think you should check it out. I might buy one myself.


I love my Jade Harmony Mat. I have really sweaty hands and feet and don’t slip on it at all. I recently wrote a whole post about the pros and cons of the Jade Mats if you are interested:


Hi Katie,
I’m always looking for new yoga mats too. I just discovered cork yoga mats. They are eco-friendly and high quality. Here’s the blog I discovered. I hear it’s popular with Aussie yoga teachers. I pre-order a mat at a discounted cost, but they are also giving away free mats right now. Hope that helps.


Helloooo to all,

So, I am trying find a good / reliable yoga mat but I dont want to spend a fortune.

A fellow yogi recommended a brand she had been using for some time - A Tiny Bit Fit (

I’ve seen the mat she has and it seems great, just as good as my old Manduka mat, but at half the price. I am thinking about giving them a shot.

Has anyone had any experince? Do I need to be spending $100-150 or can I find similar quality at a better price, if I sacrifice brand?

Looks like they’ve recently set up on Amazon too… all 5 star reviews…

The “eco-friendly” mat
The professional mat

Interested to hear your thoughts? Do I really need to be paying through the nose for a mat?


You can buy a great Yoga mats: Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Manduka, Hummal yoga mats,…
Yoga mats made from PU or TPE is good. Or you can try a mat made from natural rubber, but it so expensive.


Hi…All great forum on discussing on yoga!


Thanks so much. I went ahead and got this one:

It’s a little heavy but its probably the best mat I’ve had yet.


I got my Black thick Yoga mat from World Fitness


I think Manduka mats are great! yeah the’re kinda expansive, but long lasting and eco-friendly
Really good in my opinion.



I got mine from Form - love it, actually have 2 now as they do round and rectangular styles. Worth the investment as will last a long time. Eco-friendly, really grippy and machine washable (life saver after bikram!!! :):hugs:



I just picked up my Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat Here :
I’m very happy, my mat is of very good quality at a very reasonable price :wink:
I really thing that TPE Yoga Mats are the best.


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Back in the 70's everyone used a folded blanket, but when I got back to Yoga in 2015 I used my daughters, cheap from Walmart but the surface started to fall apart. and get bits left behind.

I now use a Jade Yoga rubber mat, and the company plants a tree when you buy one. It's serving me well, had it a couple of years, stands up to Hot Yoga classes.


$72 is quite a lot for a yoga mat, you can buy a yoga mat with beautiful decoration, as for the quality and eco-friendly issue, I didn't hear about the brand, but it shouldn't be bad if they sell it for $72. So if you like the design, just buy it.

I use Toplus yoga mat (around $25, bought on Amazon) it's a basic yoga mat, non-slip, appropriate thickness, so far so good. And I just received a survey from Toplus to help determine what they provide for next season. I feel so good to participate in it.