Yoga poses with arthritic toes


I have low back pain and want to do yoga to help and also for general fitness however I have arthritis in my left big toe and am unable to bend it. This means I cannot do certain moves such as forward / backward lunges or plank. Some yoga moves mean going on tip toes but I can’t what can I do instead please
Thank you


The simple answer is that, as with all Yoga practices, you should only do what you can without straining. If you want to achieve a particular asana, there will be many asanas that work up to it. Something else to keep in mind is that the only reason we do asanas is to learn to sit still. Asana means "sit". There is no point getting concerned about not being able to do a particular Asana. The main thing is to achieve perfect stillness within the Asanas we can do.
We move to learn to be still and breath to learn how to restrain the breath - once achieved, Yoga meditation can be taken up.


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