Yoga Routine Specifically to Achieve Full Lotus?


Hi, could someone give me a yoga routine that is geared specifically to one day achieving full lotus please? I plan on performing it right after my high intensity cardio yoga routine so no warm ups will be required.

Thank you


I do full lotus but could do this posture the first Yoga class I went to, 67 now and still do. In all the Yoga and meditation groups I've been to very few do full lotus.

Practice one leg at a time, one leg straight out on the floor, place foot on top of the thigh and let the knee drop to the floor, no force.


My teacher back in '74 said that when she would sit with her feet together in the butterfly pose she could never get her knees to touch the floor no matter how hard she tried. Then she decided to use her mind, right there her knees dropped to the floor.