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Being a student of the Sivananda lineage I can tell you that the cleaning of the bathrooms (washrooms) is in some cases a karmic issue, but in most it is to teach the student humility. When I started training with my own teacher I had to clean the bathrooms of our yoga centre every Wednesday morning as part of my cleaning duties at the centre. In the beginning I hated it, but later I loved it and then one morning the duty was taken away from me and given to someone else who needed the lesson more than me. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=anula;25006]I met a woman who had just finished SVYASA course recently. She enjoyed some parts but lost 5kg in one month due to what she called “extremely non sattvic food”. loaded with chilli and rice and daal day after day. She also said that there was no a and p teaching at all and that is quite a worry, although it does seem there is generally less focus on that in india. Finally she said she felt alot of what they were taught was not really necessary, like acting out yoga plays and dramas in groups etc. She felt that that time could have been better used studying or lectures etc.[/QUOTE]
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Thank you so much for the info on SVYASA. I can’t thank you enough for the info. Thank you once again, it is extremely appreciated.
In this case i shall concentrate on Yogapoint and perhaps The Yoga Institute which yogafriend had recommended.

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The essence of karma yoga is becoming limited to selfless service rather than moving towards ‘inaction in action’:slight_smile: Simple explanations of yogic philosophies and its effective practice is the best outcome of doing the teacher training course in true gurukula samprathaya. I did my ttc at Tulasidalam a very small yoga center.


I am looking at doing yoga ttc in rishikesh at the end of january. Has anyone heard of bharat heritage services… website is w w
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have also looked at siddhartha yoga, but seen much mixed feedback.
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[QUOTE=vera;22423]I would like to make another question: does anyone know “Parmath Niketan” in Rishikesh?[/QUOTE]

It is a very good ashram and they have a yoga teachers training-I think it starts in March or April. It is recognised as a 200 hour TTC.


I am going to do the yoga ttc at Tulasidalam in Kerala in May. My friend Mirato did her’s there last month. Its a 200 hours alliance registered course. What I found interesting was the feedback I got from their facebook page as the ones I wrote to was all of one and the same opinion its very good. They say its a spiritual home.That sounds really special.



Below are listed some top Yoga schools in India, may be you should check them before enrolling,
Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai

Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Khajuraho ? Madhya Pradesh

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger -Bihar

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, Trivendrum

Yoga Institute, Mumbai


So in nutshell if you are serious about Yoga teacher training course and becoming a Yoga teacher then you should look at points below rather than comparing the fees:

[B] Quality of teachers,
course curriculum / course content ,
teacher student ratio,
International validity of the certificate
feedback from the ex students
post course support
Course compliance with International standards[/B]

There are many Yoga ashrams / schools providing Yoga teacher training courses for cheap prices especially in Rishikesh and South India but most of them are not well managed, teachers are not well qualified, mostly just trying to get students by offering cheap prices. Always make sure to check the feedback from ex students before enrolling. best of luck!!


Hi… I did my Yoga teacher training in May at Tulasidalam in Kerala. And its the best experience of a life guidance course, a dream come true.I would really like to make the points I felt there in reference to the points noted in the above post. Thanks hathayogi, you really have the points in the nutshell.:slight_smile:

[B]Quality of teachers:[/B] Its true the quality of the teachers makes the best out of the course and Sindu is great!
[B]course curriculum / course content:[/B] Amazing! pranic training and life guidance levels with the physiology levels beautifully incorporated to the practice and philosophies. How easily the present space technologies to the base concept of Newtons gravity fits into understanding.Gita is magic that’s all I will say, otherwise you will think I am exaggerating.
[B]teacher student ratio: [/B]With five students under two teachers … I got all the personal attention I needed.
[B]International validity of the certificate:[/B] Its a Yoga Alliance India registered course, but more important I felt is it is legally recognized institution under the local government and so felt really safe to go.
feedback from the ex students: I don’t need to elaborate! we are all one in what we have to say about Tulasidalam.
[B]post course support: [/B]the best ever offered in any schools or ashrams around the world… the yoga classes and guidance are free for life time after the 200hours attendance, like a mother-child relation, its never broken.
[B]Course compliance with International standards:[/B] The understanding of the teachings in accordance with the different culture values is most appreciated.
All in all it was good… really good, only caution!! go into this course with an open heart and never try reaching it from the factual intellectual level…cause its beyond… and really hard!!! on Pride!!!:smiley:


The Sivananda TT in India seems different to how Sivananda TT is in UK, Europe etc. It looks more comprehensive and with better teachers in India.

[B]One thing that puts me off doing TT in India is risk of disease, not that I’m particularly worried about that but have heard from numerous people that got diseases whilst in India. Those who got for example dysentry, missed out on much of their TT, then had to go home! So if you get dysentry etc and miss much or all of the TT course, I doubt the Yoga institute will refund you = which means paying for course again & having to travel out there again! I know many go there and get no health probs, but have heard from a lot of people that tell some horror stories. It seems a great many people get at least the Do-Doo-Run-Runs. [/B]

Doing TTC in Europe, USA, etc ; there are less risks than doing it in India.



It is not only the health problems but also the way some of the teachers misbehave!! My friend had a bad experience in Rishikesh. She is a young woman of 23 and was not allowed to attend the final test as the teacher said he would fail her anyhow! and she didn’t get a refund.
One of the many reasons I found the courage to study in India is the feedback from Sindu’s previous students, surety of personal safety as a woman travelling alone. Health wise its even safer as the food is taken care of personally by the master.
It was a safe decision with the best yoga structure to experience.
It’s surely a wonderful experience to go to India to do yoga course if you are careful in choice, as you get a chance to travel and experience a new place.


[B]Check new thread on Traditional Yoga (in this section Yoga Teacher Training) - Kumar, had never heard of the oranisation before until recently. [/B]


Please read below the updated post


I have studied at Sivananda Neyyardam Ashram and Arhanta Yoga ashram Khajuraho, both were very professional with very good and experienced teachers, the style was similar the content was similar (Arhanta more comprehensive as there were 40 extra hours and also discussions on setting up a yoga studio etc, the main difference was just size of the students, but overall i feel very satisfied with both,

For me it was important that the course is professionally managed and that the teachers are experienced as getting Yoga Alliance recognition is very easy that day, I was at a school in Rishikesh which was RYS 200 and RYS 500 from Yoga Alliance USA but the teachers had terrible English and were not able to answer any of the questions properly, they had no idea of the correction techniques, mostly the teacher was doing asanas on his platform throughout the class rather than walking around and correcting and helping the students. The course was organized in a hotel but the students following ttc were happy enough with the fact that they are studying in Rishikesh with an Indian teacher.

To me that was not acceptable as the experience in an ashram can not not be replaced by a hotel and if the teacher can not answer my questions and does not personally corrects me I can rather follow an online yoga teacher training course.

[B]Also important to know[/B], Sivananda has divided into two separate organisations now, Sivananda Canada and Sivananda Europe, and Sivananda India comes under Sivanada Canada. As per my experience and information from others the Sivananda Canada has much better teachers.


Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai
I will be there mid July - mid August
What shots did you guys take ?
Doc say hep and typhoid meds


Sri Pattabhi Jois was born on the full moon day of July, 1915, Guru Purnima day in an ancestral village called Kowshika, near Hassan in Karnataka state. Jois continued to teach at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, now located in the neighbourhood of Gokulam, with his only daughter Saraswathi Rangaswamy (b. 1941) and his grandson Sharath (b. 1971), until May 18, 2009 when he died aged 93 of natural causes.




Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a yoga therapy course in India between dec 2015 and march 2016. It seems difficult to find because of the seasons.

I booked into yogapoint, but I just realised they are not accredited by IYT or YAlliance.

Can anyone offer any help with this?