10-day Vipassana retreat--too much?


hi there,

i’m rather new to meditation (have been practicing a few times a week, not very long each time), but would like to explore it. I’ve had difficulties with sleep, fatigue, anxiety, etc., and am hoping perhaps meditation will help. I came across the Vipassana website, which offers free, 10-day (intense!), silent meditation retreats. Aside from wondering if i’m physically able to do it (i’m waiting to hear back from them regarding modifications, etc.), i wonder: Is a 10-day intensive too much for a beginner? Or, once one gets into the first few days, does it become ‘normalized’, etc. I’d love to plunge right in, but want to do the right thing! Thanks for any comments. :confused:


Nothing ventured nothing gained. I say try it and see how you fare. I am sure they will be most helpful if needed.


I would say a ten day retreat will be too much for you as you are faily new to meditation, so why not try a couple of one day retreats ,continue to build up to a one week retreat . keep it simple and dont be to keen to rush into the ten day one. good luck!


I agree with Murali. The temptation to “plunge” into a ten-day retreat may be strong, but worth resisting. Ease into the practice with firm and compassionate intention, keep up your shorter sittings and try to work with the resistance you encounter. If you’re ready for more, sign up for a few afternoon or one-day workshops.
Be well!


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A friend of mine went to a 10 day free retreat and liked it. Said he was planning another.