10 Yoga teachers. 10 different ways to use yoga music

I’ve been writing yoga music for quite some time. Right from the very beginning, I started to create yoga music playlists for all kinds of different yoga practices.
Everything from soft yoga music for yin yoga From upbeat yoga music to music for power yoga practice. But I noticed very soon that no-one was using my playlists!

I noticed that every yoga teacher has their own taste – their own philosophy – their own idea of how to organise yoga songs into their own personal playlist. So I asked 10 yoga teachers about their thoughts and how lucky was I?
They were all really helpful and I decided to write put together this article about this topic.
I think it is a great source of information and inspiration. Both for active teachers and students on their journey to becoming a yoga teacher.
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Thank you so much Angelina :pray:t4:

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