105 Amazing (Science backed) Health Benefits of Yoga

My wife is a huge yoga fanatic, and after my back started hurting from sitting at my computer all day, I started as well. Yoga coupled with better posture cured my back pain.

That got me thinking - what other health benefits did yoga provide? That led to a rabbit hole of research through blogs, medical journals, research papers, and more.

I then verified every benefit by referencing an actual study. To be clear, some of these studies are clear as day, while others may need a bit more evidence, but the research is there. Still, after this, yoga has become part of my weekly routine and will be for the rest of my life.

Here's the full list of benefits:

  1. Improves Strength

  2. Increased muscle control

  3. Increases core strength

  4. Increases muscle tone

  5. Balances muscle

  6. Build range of motion

  7. Improves flexibility

  8. Improves endurance

  9. Improves Balance

  10. Improves coordination

  11. Helps with eye-hand coordination

  12. Improves Dexterity

  13. Improves reaction time

  14. Increases depth perception

  15. Decrease Blood Pressure

  16. Slows Pulse Rate

  17. Improves Circulation

  18. Lowers Respiratory Rate

  19. Improves Cardiovascular endurance

  20. Improves heart health

  21. Heart disease

  22. Osteoporosis

  23. Alzheimer's

  24. Type II Diabetes

  25. Relieves Carpal Tunnel

  26. Reduces symptoms of asthma

  27. Helps with arthritis

  28. Helps with Multiple Sclerosis

  29. Helps cancer patients

  30. Benefits Muscular Dystrophy

  31. Scoliosis

  32. Helps with chronic bronchitis

  33. Helps prevent epileptic seizures

  34. Reduction in OCD symptoms

  35. Helps relieve migraines

  36. Lowers risk of injury

  37. Exercises the parasympathetic nervous system

  38. Yoga has a Low Risk for injury

  39. Yoga is Accessible

  40. Detoxification - slows aging

  41. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

  42. Protects your spine

  43. Increases bone health

  44. Helps with constipation

  45. Reduces allergies

  46. Help control side effects of menopause

  47. Massages internal organs

  48. Improves Gastrointestinal Function

  49. Strong Immune System

  50. More energy

  51. Better Sleep

  52. Lowers cholesterol

  53. Helps lymphatic system, boosting immunity

  54. Lower blood glucose levels

  55. Reduces sodium levels through sweat

  56. Helps endocrine function

  57. Lowers triglycerides

  58. Red Blood Cells

  59. Increase Vitamin C

  60. Improves Lung Function

  61. Improves Digestion

  62. Regulates your adrenal glands

  63. Healthier Skin

  64. Helps Hangover Recovery

  65. Increases the mind-body connection

  66. Reduced oxygen consumption

  67. Helps with breathing control

  68. Non competitive & Stress Free

  69. Releases tension in your limbs

  70. Higher Pain Tolerance

  71. Better Posture

  72. Inspires Creativity

  73. Improves concentration

  74. Increases memory

  75. Improves attention

  76. Improves Mental Clarity

  77. Builds Focus & Concentration

  78. Increase level of productivity

  79. More environmentally conscious

  80. Better Mood

  81. Reduces Stress

  82. Decreases anxiety

  83. Helps with depression

  84. Allows for self-acceptance

  85. Develops self-control

  86. Increased positivity

  87. Decreases hostility

  88. Makes you more calm

  89. Helps keep you drug free

  90. Increases well-being through subcortex

  91. Encourages spirituality

  92. Balances Metabolism

  93. Controls Weight

  94. Promotes Healthy Eating

  95. Helps alleviate pain from sciatica

  96. Reduces back pain

  97. Reduces inflammation

  98. Reduces Chronic Pain

  99. Improve Sex

  100. Improves social skills

  101. Benefits your relationships

  102. Helps with ADHD

  103. Helps with Autism

  104. Stronger Social & Emotional Skills

  105. Better Academic Performance

If you want to access to the full list and links to the research on each, you can find it here.

Hope this is helpful! I for one am now a believer!

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Yoga is a great way to improve your health. It can help you control stress, lose weight, improve your flexibility and even boost your mood.

Yoga has been used for thousands of years in India as a form of meditation, breathing exercises and physical postures to help people overcome ailments such as asthma and high blood pressure. But yoga has become popular in the West over the last few decades.

The benefits of yoga are numerous, including:

Reduced stress: Yoga helps you to relax by focusing on your breath and slowing down your heart rate. It's also a good way to relieve anxiety and depression.

Improved flexibility: Yoga helps you strengthen muscles so that they're more flexible, which helps prevent injury while strengthening your core muscles at the same time.

Better balance: Yoga reduces tension in the neck, shoulders and back while improving balance. This can help prevent falls when you're older or if you're suffering from arthritis or other disability conditions.

Reduced pain: People who practice yoga regularly report that their bodies feel less tense, which reduces pain in joints or muscles that have become tight due to arthritis or injury; this may also allow them to work longer hours without feeling fatigued later on in the day