15 Guidances to Awakening Offered For Free


Open Heart teachers offer 15 Guidances to Awakening for Free

Open Heart teachers (Kim, Karl and Jon) would like to offer an opportunity for people with little money, to undergo Guidance to Awakening, for free.

Open Heart started to offer one-on-one Guidance to Awakening through email in 2014. It has shown to be very effective with over 130 succesful guidances so far. These guidances have lasted from 2 emails to 5 weeks, with the average of 5 days.

The heart and soul of this process is the so called Two-Part Formula (2PF). It is a simple technique that hits at the core of the selfing mechanism and therefore can effectively neutralise the compulsive grip of the subject-self. It has worked for people with various training histories but also for people who have no prior training at all.

Read full info here: http://www.en.openheart.fi/35884