300 hour yoga ttc at AYM


I am searching advance yoga course, may be 300 hour course in July 2016 and went through many yoga schools in rishikesh on google but there are many schools providing 300 hour course and it really hard to choose. AYM yoga school curriculum seems interesting which includes different styles of yoga and also wellness yoga. do any one have attended AYM Yoga School’s 300 hour course?
how it ?

Hi Yogiom,

I did my 200 hour and than 300 hour yoga ttc in rishikesh at AYM. School is located in peaceful area of Tapovan Rishikesh just 10 minutes walk from main street.There was 6 teachers team teaching 300 hour and each yoga teacher was knowledgeable, friendly and available for you while teaching. Curriculum is really challenging as having yoga therapy, vinyasa yoga, adjustments, teaching practice, yoga sutras and anatomy. for me it was full of new knowledge and challenging. I recommend you if you really heading towards deepening your yoga in all direction. Hariom satsat

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