5 Advantages of Yoga that you probably don't know


1# Yoga makes you stress-Free

  • Yoga also helps in decreasing stress because yoga decreases the level of cortisol (Stress Hormone) which in turn affects the level of serotonin which is associated with depression.
  • These Yoga Asanas helps in reducing stress.
    Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose )
    Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose )
    Halasana (Plow Pose )

2# Yoga Helps in Blood Circulation

  • Yoga helps in good circulation of blood, especially in hands & feet

  • Inverted & Twisting poses encourage venous blood to flow out from your internal organs back to the heart thus reduces swelling in hands & feet if you have.

  • Yoga also increases the level of hemoglobin & RBC in blood and thus minimizes the risk of anemia.

These 3 Yoga asanas help in good Blood Circulation.
Virabhadrasana- Warrior Pose
Viparita Karani- Leg's up pose
Shavasana- Corpse Pose

3# Yoga Boosts your nervous system.

  • Advanced yogis could surprise you scientists have monitored them that they can create specific wave patterns in the brain and could even increase the temperature of their hands to over 15 degrees Fahrenheit. For this, you need to be extraordinary!

  • Practicing yoga in a group environment helps the nervous system to get out from the various chronic stress back into the activation & settling of the body in a more natural rhythm.

These three yoga asanas will boost your nervous system.
Child’s Pose (Balasana)
Seated Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
Anuloma-Viloma (Nostril Breathing)

4# Controls Blood Sugar

  • Yoga helps to lower down your sugar levels by reducing adrenaline or cortisol levels, increasing the sensitivity of insulin.

  • With blood sugar down you have reduced the risk of further diabetic problems like blindness, kidney failure, and cardiac arrest.

  • Not only Blood sugar it also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

These three yoga asanas will help you to cure Blood Pressure.

Legs up the wall pose
Seated forward bend
Upward facing dog

5# Yoga helps you to get Relief From Back Pain.

  • As yoga helps in gaining flexibility and thus it also counters back pain & joint pain.

  • People who used to work sitting in front of their computer have spinal compression, Yoga counteracts these situations as it maintains a healthy spine.

These 3 yoga asanas will make you get relief from Backpain.

Supin Twist
Sphinx Pose
Cat & Cow Pose

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Doing yoga in daily routine will attract the health benefits. If you start doing the yoga for 15 minutes per day, then your body will get the effective health benefits. If you need to learn the yoga aspects, then joining the Yoga Teacher Training in India is the best way to expand the knowledge of yoga. Yoga is best way to keep away the health issue from the body and it will also helps in increasing the health benefits.

Benefits of doing yoga:

  1. Reduce stress: If you start doing the yoga in your daily routine, then it will help you in reducing the stress from the body. Stress is a very common problem which is faced by the many people due to the hectic lifestyle. Practice yoga is best way to avoid the stress from the body.

  2. Lessen Depression: Doing yoga is also a best way to lessen the depression from the body. If you start the yoga poses in your daily routine, then your body will fight with the depression. Taking over the depression is best way to reduce the risk of health issue.

  3. Eliminate Back Pain: The regular practice of the yoga helps you in eliminating the back pain from the body which allow you to live the life happily. From 9 to 5 job will lead to the back pain which is only be cured by doing yoga.

  4. Lower blood sugar levels: If you face the issue of blood sugar levels, then yoga is your best friend. Once you see the results of yoga, then you will do yoga in your daily routine without skipping a single yoga session.

  5. Improve Blood Circulation: The regular practice of yoga helps you in improving the bad blood circulation. If you practice the yoga in your daily routine, then it will help in circulating the blood in the body.


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