5 important criteria to choose the most suitable yoga mat


The tragedy is a companion to every yogies during the training sessions. Do you know why everyone who practices yoga also has their own personal carpet?

Because the carpet will help you to be more hygienic, avoid the bacteria in the gym. Along with that, when you practice postures-asana requires high balance, you will limit and minimize the risk of slippery falls that can cause injury.

So, do you know which criteria when choosing a carpet will help you find the carpet that best suits you? In this article, we will send you 5 basic criteria for buying yoga mats. Continue reading the article below you.

Today, yoga mat products are made from 3 main materials: PVC, TPE, PU and natural rubber.

PVC yoga mats

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride used to be the most common material used to produce yoga mats. Currently, this material is gradually being replaced by other carpet materials.

The reason is that researchers think that PVC is very difficult to decompose.

However, big brands like Manduka still produce this type of carpet but in high-end non-toxic production technology. They do this because of their extremely high anti-wear and anti-wear properties.

TPE yoga mats

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomeric material, which is used to produce carpet to replace PVC.
TPE yoga mats have carpets with softness, good adhesion, no skin irritation. If you are a beginner, you should choose to use this carpet when its price is quite cheap. (In tphcm yoga mats, the cheapest yoga carpet is VND 249,000). But you want to own a more quality TPE yoga sheet. You can also learn more about the outstanding features of TPE yoga mats.

Natural PU-rubber yoga mats

PU is a synthetic material from natural rubber and Polyurethane (PU). This material will help your feeling when exercising is most comfortable.

Besides, you will not worry about slippery even when wet with sweat. PU material gives you a feeling of soft contact, which helps you feel more inspired when practicing.

The price of PU carpet is a little bit more expensive than TPE carpet, about from 800,000 VND and about 1tr500 to 4tr for a carpet of Liforme or Manduka brand.

The size of a standard carpet is 172 x 68 cm. This size is suitable for our Asians.

However, people with higher and lower body lengths or practicing in specific yoga classes still have other options because the practice mats are always varied in size.

Liforme products are always larger than normal because the manufacturers of this brand believe that the larger the carpet size, the higher the comfort of the person practicing on the carpet, they will not need to move the carpet when moving. move in movements.

However, you should also note that the size of a large carpet may cause some difficulty in carpet cleaning.


Thick clothes will depend on your type of yoga practice. If you train in posture advocacy classes like power yoga, you should use carpets as thick as 8mm. This thickness will help you be safer with your movements as well as limit injuries if any slipping or falling occurs.

If you are a yogi who loves traveling and traveling, 1mm thick, 2mm will be the perfect choice for you. Such a thin thickness will help you preserve, bring your carpet extremely convenient.

In different carpet brands will have different specific designs. You will also need to consider carefully when choosing carpet based on the surface design factor, because that will be what you see every time you practice. Please choose for yourself the best design, yes, you will be more inspired in practice.

Liforme carpets are famous because carpet designs have routing lines that help exercise more effectively.

Beinks carpets design their carpet colors according to the elements of life like soil, air, and stone. This causes a feeling of being immersed in nature when practicing on this type of carpet from Australia.

Famous carpet brands are now in the trading market tphcm yoga mat. These include Yogalink carpets, Liforme carpets, Beinks carpets, Manduka carpets, Jade carpets.

Yogalink yoga mats

Yogalink carpet is a private tragedy brand, is the pride of Sportslink. The product first appeared on the market in 2016.

Yogalink has been believing in many Yogi. Yogalink has two selected materials, TPE and PU, which are all safe materials, because we order our production. Yogalink carpet products appear on many retail markets, the market of e-commerce channels, ...

Jade yoga mats

Jade is a yoga mat brand established in the 60s of the last century in the United States. Jade brought to him many different sets of exercises so that they could choose according to their purpose and level.

For example, Level One Carpet is the perfect choice for new learners. Excellent grip and smoothness will help you focus on the position without worrying about slipping. At 4mm thickness, the Level One is a bit thinner than the Harmony carpet and a bit thicker than Travel Mat.

Manduka yoga mats

Born in 1997 by an architect and an American Yogi, Peter Sterios. The name Manduka means frog, is Peter's favorite asana posture.

Peter chose Manduka to pay homage to his teacher and teacher, Shandor Remete. The person who taught Peter the ancient Hatha Yoga postures, including the Mandukasana posture or the frog posture, is a posture that Peter particularly loves.

The carpet of Manduka has lines like manduka pro with thicker highlights than other carpets, making your workout safe and effective.

Manduka Prolite carpet has very light weight but still retains high grip, suitable for those who like to travel, those who follow Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow practice.

Manduka Eko carpets are the perfect choice for those who love nature along with excellent grip and feel that it brings to the practitioner.

Liforme yoga mats

It will be a great lack of not mentioning the name Liforme in this article. The British brand Liforme is one of the most advanced brands on the market today.

The specially designed ‘AlignForMe routing system, makes it easier to align your asana posture. Along with that, the system is able to route sophisticated people to the carpet, not the ink printing technology.

Liforme's product system is not too diverse. There are two main product lines: traditional carpets and travel mats. All are made from 100% natural rubber and all have routing lines on the surface.

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