6- point for checking before buying a Yoga mat

1. How did yoga mats come into being?
In the past, people did not use carpets because practicing yoga exercises mainly included breathing and meditation. Students will then use animal or basic cloth if they need to cushion.
When asana became popular, yoga mats began to develop from the more basic folding fabric that Yogis would sit, into carpets like today's Yoga mats.
First modern yoga mat
Dynamic posture exercises are becoming more popular and this type of Yoga has spread throughout the world. People have built a sponge carpet to form Yoga mats! This sets the foundation for yoga mats that we know today.
To choose an appropriate yoga mat first, the practitioner will need to consider the following factors: material, grip, thickness, type of exercise. In this article, we will share with you how to buy the yoga mat that suits you best.

2. Material
PVC is made up of plastic powder and fibers at high temperatures. This is a very popular type of yoga mat production before. High-strength PVC carpet for long-term use.
Nowadays, people prefer materials other than PVC that cause bad health effects. However, the famous carpet company Manduka still produces high quality PVC material mats and ensures non-toxic.
TPE is also known as thermoplastic elastomeric material. This material is made up of rubber and synthetic resin.
TPE mats do not have an unpleasant odor, are non-toxic, have good adhesion and are currently the most popular carpet in Vietnam today.
PU rubber
This type of training mat is made of synthetic rubber material. This combination helps the carpet to have a pretty amazing look. With this kind of carpet, you are completely free to practice your Asana postures without worrying that your body is slippery with carpet or carpet being moved to the gym floor.

3. Thickness
Carpet thickness will depend on the type of training you take. If you are a traveler, or travel and want to combine yoga practice with travel, choose a carpet with a thickness of 1.5mm or 2mm.
If you are a beginner and don't know how to play, 4mm to 6mm thickness is suitable for beginners.
If you have been practicing for a long time, want to attend classes that move a lot of positions, a carpet of high thickness will help you stick better and limit the falling cases.

4. Surface design
Carpet design is also a very important factor. If you feel like the design of your carpet, you will probably train more passionately.
Besides, carpets designed with routing lines are a very popular carpet today. Routing will help you adjust the convenience, more accurate positions. Since then, your training will become more effective.

5. The class you are following
Different schools of yoga will have different specific training directions. At power yoga, you will focus a lot on physical activity, from easy to difficult.
At Vinyasa, you will constantly practice poses in a certain sequence and that sequence depends on the teacher. With Bikram yoga, you will practice postures and breathing exercises at temperatures near 39 degrees Celsius.
So, find out carefully and ask teachers to advise you before choosing to buy yoga mats.

6. Buy quality yoga mats at the best prices in HCM City
In the yoga equipments market of HCM city, there are many shops doing business. You will have many factors to consider where you buy carpets like: brand carpet, transparent price, prestige, ...
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