7 Days Reconnecting with Nature Yoga Retreat in Croatia

This perfectly balanced 7-day yoga retreat in Premantura,Croatia offers you dynamic vinyasa lessons, blissful meditations and yoga Nidra relaxations, slack-lining and paddle boarding. You will also have the opportunity to experience the untouched, pristine beauty of the natural park Kamenjak.

Come and explore the nature and return to the roots of your true being through a beautiful landscape getaway. Feed your body through playful yoga practices and nourish your soul with the 5 elements; fire (sun), earth (stability), water (sea), wind (knowledge), ether (space).

What's included:
:heavy_check_mark:Evening SUP Yoga practices
:heavy_check_mark:Blissful sunset meditation classes
:heavy_check_mark:Refreshing morning Vinyasa yoga sessions
:heavy_check_mark:Free day to explore nature and do your own activities
:heavy_check_mark:Transfers to and from airport
:heavy_check_mark: 6 nights accommodation (at Villa Finera )
:heavy_check_mark:2 daily delicious and freshly cooked vegetarian or vegan meals

Sample schedule
:star:08:00 Morning Vinyasa yoga session
:star:10:00 Sunbathing and/or swimming on the stunning beaches around Kamenjak
:star:11:00 Brunch
:star:17:00 SUP Yoga/ Kickboxing yoga / Slackline
:star:18:00 Sunset meditation and pranayama sessions followed by yoga Nidra
:star:19:30 Dinner
This is an example schedule only. This sample schedule is subject to changes.

Being in nature, walking barefoot, meditating on each step we take in the labyrinth of the pine forest, practicing yoga on the water, balancing on a board while we feel the water beneath us rocking us gently, the sunshine warming our skin, the cool breeze gently giving us back a breath of fresh air.
All these beautiful elements remind us of the joy of living, and awaken in us the knowledge that happiness is truly within each and everyone of us, a choice that we consciously make every day. This alignment we generate with nature creates a peace of mind which lasts for a while after we leave it, remind us of the simplicity of and beauty of life throughout the whole year.

:star2:Accommodation :star2:
During this retreat, you will stay at Villa Finera. All of the bedrooms are twin rooms or single (available on request). Some rooms are en-suite and some with shared bathrooms, you can specify this on booking. Each guest is provided with a bathroom set including 2 towels. Hairdryers are also available. Air-conditioning and Wi-Fi are also available throughout the property.

You will be served with 2 daily delicious and freshly cooked vegetarian food during this retreat. You can enjoy your senses through tasty vegetarian meals and free your mind through endless landscape exploration. With this carefully prepared fresh delicious food and smoothies, your body will begin to cleanse, detox, and heal.

DATES: 15 June - 21 June 2019
For any additional information about the yoga retreat, prices and reservation please DM us :envelope_with_arrow: or contact us on:
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Seems like an amazing retreat. I've visited Prematura a few years ago and loved it, but what a great idea organazing a yoga retreat there! Hope there are spots available :slight_smile:

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Yes, it really is an amazing place to visit! We do have a couple of spots left. If you are interested, please contact us via email.
Thank you!

I really want to visit Croatia! Amazing country!