7 foods to eliminate

Has anyone experimented with eliminating the foods listed below and if so did it help in any way? I?ve eliminated gluten and dairy in the past and now plan on a three week trial eliminating the rest, my aim is to reduce allergies and inflammation.

  1. Soy
  2. Corn
  3. Gluten
  4. Dairy
  5. Sugar
  6. Eggs
  7. Peanuts

But here is a nice concoction that is good for reducing inflammation and purported to be good for a host of other things as well. No allergies so maybe it is good for that too. :smiley:

Boil water

Add Cayenne Pepper Powder to taste not much is needed the barest tip of a teaspoon at first is enough.

Add Tumeric powder the same way.

Add Ginger powder the same way.

Allow to cool some add Honey ( from your local area if you can supposed to help with allergies ) to taste and Lemon juice. Sometimes a teaspoon of coconut oil but be careful it traps the heat and can scald you.

I find this to be helpful with Digestion, Inflammation, and mucus removal.

If you overdo it the next bowel movement will be certain to inform you. I once made this and drank it 3 separate times in 1 day that was the last time doing that, once per day is enough.

All 3 Ingredients can be purchased here http://www.amazon.com/Frontier-Ground-Turmeric-minimum-Curcumin/dp/B001VNGK6I/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1371064560&sr=8-11&keywords=tumeric

Frontier is a good non irradiated brand and I use the same brand for each.

Due to the large Quantity I store mine in 1 quart Mason Jars, in a cool dry area.

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I do use cayenne & ginger powder and honey, I’ll add the turmeric see what happens, I can’t do brand since I seem to have a gluten sensitivity.

I remember a Swami talking to me concerning Tumeric and he stated that adding it to food in correct combinations would make is more sattivic.

It does seem that way. One thing is certain it does take the fire out of the Cayenne to the taste used in together.

When I reduce gluten I think I feel as though I’m a little lighter and better flow through my intestines but that may or may not be true. On the other hand, I sprout some kamut (wheat) about once a month and nibble on them for a few days and that gives me the feeling that I’m getting some good vitamin E. … But it is difficult to definitively say what causes my opinions because my diet and work/exercise changes weekly.

In regards to when I stopped dairy and eggs 4 years ago, I started feeling much better and looser. At the same time I started eating more raw foods and raw recipes (about half my diet) so I don’t know if I felt better because of more raw live foods or because of cutting out dairy and eggs. The doctors also took me off of cholesterol and pain medications about a month after I cut out dairy, eggs, and started eating more raw, so it is difficult to pinpoint what makes me feel a little more flexible and less aches and pains.

During the month of June, I usually take a garlic pill and a few brewers yeast pills, for the sake of deterring mosquitoes and ticks. During this time I usually notice clearer sinus. Who knows.
Happy summer, biking and kayaking Gil.

  1. Soy
  2. Corn
  3. Gluten
  4. Dairy
  5. Sugar
  6. Eggs
  7. Peanuts

I haven?t eaten any of these foods for I believe 5 years now. Back when I still ate gluten I would have to cough a lot and I had a mucus build-up in the back of my throat. Dairy caused my digestion to slow way down, I have gotten food poisoning from eating eggs in the past, sugar was addicting and would result in energy highs and lows…

I am aware of the fact that corn is found in virtually all processed foods and I just don?t trust it… When I think of corn I immediately think GMO…

I?m not sure about soy and peanuts… I did eat them, but very rarely so I don?t have much to say about them.

That said I never get acney since eliminating these foods, my skin and hair isn?t greasy anymore, and I don?t need caffeine or any other drugs or stimuants to function. My life is better WITHOUT these foods.

For me, dairy and sugar (maybe it was corn syrup) was more of a ‘sinus clogger’. But I didn’t notice it with gluten.

Last Sunday I ate some corn off of the cob raw and it seemed fine, sometimes in the summer I’ll cut the kernels off 3 cobs and put it in a high speed blender with a cup of water and a dozen brazil nuts to make a raw soup, I’m guessing at the measurements so it might have been more or less water with some sea salt and spices added. I think I added some tumeric to make it more yellowish or orange color.

There is a stash of peeled frozen bananas in my freezer to sweeten smoothies so I don’t really use sugar, but I probably use more than enough sweet fruits in recipes. Dates are quite sweetening in smoothies and puddings and granola bars too.

Actually, my sinuses are much clearer over the past 4 years and maybe that’s why I’ve been much healthier, it seems like I don’t have to do regular exercise or gym work to stay fit. Just a half hour of basic yoga in the mornings, 2 or 3 jogs a month, a few bike rides or hikes or kayak trips, it doesn’t seem like a battle anymore, just an easy going experience. I go to a gym about once a month.

At 63 years of age, I rode my riding lawn mower for 2 hours today and was less stiff than 5 years ago. Cool. Except for the tick trying to bite my palm. Oh well, that’s life, Gil.

Yes inflammation whether sinus, digestive, or joint seems to be best controlled through judicious diet, exercise and pranayama.

Just acquired another tick bite this year, critters are so damn small this one was probably on me for three days before I noticed, three weeks later it seems like it has not even begun to heal. Sometimes I wonder if tick bites are the root cause of all my body’s fussiness.

More aches and pain talk.
The tick biting my palm last week was a dog tick and that species doesn’t carry Lyme Disease but I will still look at my palm for any sign of odd rash for the next few weeks. Evidently, a rash forming about one or two weeks after the tick bite is a sign for lyme disease and antibiotics is the recommended course.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but some people that have odd aches and pains are sensitive to the Nightshade Family veggies (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant). Maybe 10 percent of arthritic people have worse symptoms if they eat Nightshade plants. I usually notice much worse back pains and stiffness within a few days if I eat Nightshade plants (like lots of salsa).

Some people that have had ‘shingles’ have recurrences pain also.

Also, in regards to aches and back pains, I rarely do ‘shoulder stands’ or ‘headstands’ because I suspect that within a few days of doing those asanas that I would have some neck or back problems.

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Cutting out these foods is a big move! I've tried dropping a few from my diet too, and it made a difference in how I felt. Funny thing, we're not talking about ditching chef boyardee , but sometimes it's the everyday foods that sneak up on us. Keep an eye on how you feel without them. It’s all about finding what works for you. Good luck!

I mostly avoided oil rich food items and high fat rich content food items. This will affects the body health and also encourage the formation of calorie in the body.