A return to yoga and the forum

I have been away for awhile and have dealt with injuries, arthritis, another detached retina issue, and bone marrow edema, this all left me not doing much of anything.

After researching exercise for Arthritis pain I came to the conclusion exercise, even yoga, is going to hurt. However as time goes on the arthritis will hurt less.

So I began exercising again, and bone marrow edema flared up. Then found a book, Eat Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo. Basically diet based on Blood type and this is working for me so far and I have noticed arthritis inflammation issues if I eat foods that I am not supposed to eat based on this diet. Also the exercises recommended for me based on blood type are Yoga and Tajiiquan. Luckily I have enough Yoga background to get back into it and I have been involved with Taijiquan for over 20 years and managed to end up in a Lineage with permission to teach, although I do not teach at this time. My yoga background is a bit of Kripalu, a bit of Power Yoga, but what I have done most was simply called Hatha by my last teacher.

However it is the reintroduction of Yoga back into my day that has brought me back here. I am looking to continue learning and help out if I can.

It is amazing how much this journey can change as you age.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing your journey and welcome back to the forum, your presence and wisdom is much appreciated.


Not sure about the wisdom bits, but thank you