A Vegetarian Solution Requested

I have Celiac Disease. While for many a gluten free diet seems acceptable, for me it is not. I find that when I include any type of grains in my diet, I get severe bloating, gas, discomfort, and skin reaction in the way of psoriasis actively reacting.

I adore vegetables. I am a big fan of turnips, squashes, pumpkin, onion, leafy green, cauliflower, broccoli, bitter greens, and although I like nightshades I typically try to avoid them for the same reason as above. I have a response from my psoriasis immediately telling me I ate something that my body didn’t receive well.

I prefer to avoid soy, anything processed, ect. I love ginger, garlic, and use many of the simply organic spices.

I am not 100% convinced I can refrain from meat in my diet. I have tried in the past without success.

Unfortunately when I went vegan and lived on processed foods I had no idea I had Celiac and that I was making myself very ill. I blamed lack of meat. I now know this ignorance was gluten overload. I also went on a hike and came back to eat a raw food diet for a week. I was desperate for hot food and the hot peppers didn’t help. I don’t drink milk, but I do eat cottage cheese, sour cream, ricotta, mozzarella, cream cheese and sharp cheddar. I would say that’s as much dairy as I eat. I usually don’t eat cheese on a burger even because I just don’t care for it. My cheese consumption is minimal.

I would like to attempt to reduce my meat intake and see if my body can head to a place of vegetarianism at some point by it’s own will. I am just curious if this would be healthy with a grain free diet.

Anyone out there have any idea what I am going through or personal experience in this rare box I seem to be in? I would love to hear some feedback of those with knowledge and/or experience on this.

Thanks so much!

I’m having similar but not identical issues so look forward to hearing any solutions!