By Amrita Baba, founder of Amrita Mandala Sangha, www.amritamandala.com

If we look with the eyes of a yogi at Jesus' resurrection, we understand that he attained the so called lightbody or rainbow body that has been attained by many male and female masters of buddhism, hinduism, christianity and taoism, and is still attained by yogis today.

Despite of Jesus or Isha, like we call him, having been a central master behind Amrita Mandala mission since 2008, it has taken me many years to come to this point when the whole mystery of Jesus and his attainment has become the centerpoint of my study and teaching but finally this time has arrived. This was preceded by making sense and explaining of the whole buddhist system which I think is a necessary foundation for understanding anything else.

Since couple of years years ago I have written about the lightbody or rainbow body phenomenon that has happened widely across esoteric traditions. It can be said that this phenomenon is universal. If one understands what full enlightenment is and how it works, it becomes apparent that like many others who have attained lightbody, Jesus also attained it through esoteric or tantric practices. This cannot be attained without in-depth study with a tantric master or a guru. Then the question arises who was his guru, what did he practice and what happened during the time that have been removed from the history of christian religion.

After many years of studying yogic engineering and making sense of hindu and buddhist training systems, I feel not only very fortunate but also ready to arrive to Jesus and his lineage because he is the most famous yogi in the whole world, though people don't really know him as a yogi. Without the slightest doubt it is Jesus out of all masters, and his living presence that has had the greatest impact on humanity. So I feel priviledged to be in this position and to be able to explain who he was, how he became the great master he is and offer answers to the most basic questions about him, that have been denied from humanity by the religious establishment but most importantly it is Jesus' and His Guru's living blessings that matter the most. Inviting the masters to us for support, guidance, protection and enlightenment and feeling their presence in our bodies, hearts and minds, is Guru Yoga.

The name of Jesus' guru is mentioned in the Bible. For all this time the christian tradition thought the name is an aramean word, and yet there was no certainty what it meant. There are different interpretations of its meaning but I guess no one ever thought that it is not aramean, nor greek but sanskrit. Jesus’ biography and his longtime study in India has been completely removed from approved christian literature, like a lot of other very important teachings, so it is not a surprise why no one ever thought about the possibility that the word everyone thought was aramean is actually sanskrit. I read the name from the Bible long time ago and knowing about a certain tantric tradition instantly thought, ”Well, that’s interesting…'

I want to introduce Jesus' guru properly so I am not going to say his name here. I want to put him into context and explain the things one's needs to know to have right view about him and to approach him in right way through Guru Yoga. Before the retreat there will be a free book available through our website.

The essential purpose of all masters is to help those who turn to them to recognize and realize their innate enlightened nature. The purpose of gurus is not that their followers lift them on high thrones and give their own responsibility to them. There is Christ, fully enlightened nature within everyone of us. It is Jesus' and His Gurus gift to each one of us to show and reveal it to us through practice until we become Christs ourselves.