About vrittis, klesas, and antarayas

Kaivalyadhama is a renowned yoga institute in India that has contributed significantly to the understanding and practice of yoga. The institute has done extensive research and published several books on the subject. The following are explanations of some of the concepts related to yoga

In yoga philosophy, there are three important concepts related to the workings of the mind: vrittis, klesas, and antarayas. Vrittis are fluctuations or modifications of the mind and can cause mental and emotional disturbances. Klesas are obstacles or afflictions that prevent us from achieving a state of pure consciousness and are responsible for suffering.

Antarayas are impediments that obstruct the path of yoga and can arise at any stage of the yogic path. The practice of yoga aims to overcome these vrittis, klesas, and antarayas to achieve a state of pure consciousness and liberation from suffering.