Acupuncture Shakti Nail Mat


I was at a yoga show over the weekend and there were quite a few stalls selling 'Yoga Acupuncture Shakti Nail Mats' (see pic below). I have never tried one or seen it before then.

Was wondering if any of you have tried/ uses one? And if so, what is your experience of it? My only impression of it was 'OUCH!!'.


I’m surprised none has given me any feedback bearing in mind these mats were sold at every second stand! I’m disappointed :frowning:

I stood on one once and it felt good , it seemed to make me very aware of
my inner body .I would like one !

Omama, It is not OUCH at all:) the spikes do not tear the skin. I used to have the mat for almost …mmm 10years and it got dull over the time so I had to get a new one.

I’ve got my new Shakti Mat from Ebay for $15 and I love it! It was sharp and I has to use a towel on the top of it first. It is not big and It works great on all body. I use for sore muscles after aikido class, also to relieve fatigue and headache. i think it also has many other benefits since it affects accupucnture points and does not penetrate the skin:)

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I also like shakti mat with metal spikes…the spikes are made from silver, coper and other metals…

Thanks for your feedback CityMonk. I think I might give it a go now. :smiley:

I still think that metal spikes a re better…

I’ve tried several and they all have their place. THe one shown in the picture, I have two of them and used to lie on both for deep, long relaxation sessions, or just to go back to sleep if I woke up too early. Got a little addicted to them almost and realized after a while that I was waking up just to get on the mats and fall asleep again. It got a little silly.

Anyway, the Shakti Mat is nice for lying on and standing on. Better for lying on is one that is made of plastic and inflatable, comes closer to the body and is more “ouch” in the beginning but more calming in the long run. I have one called “The swedish bed of nails” and it’s made of hard plastic and the nails are fewer (600 instead of 6000) and longer. This one really hurts the first couple of times but gives a much deeper, massage like effect.

I have been using my acupressure mat for about a year now and love it. I use it primarily to help with lower back pain and to sleep better. The one i use is called the Heavenly acupressure mat and i got it on for $29.95. They had a coupon code “divinebliss” that gave 25% off the $39.95 price.

The mat is amazing - the first 5 - 8 minutes is uncomfortable (i.e. hurts) but after that it feels incredible. Well worth the $30. i use it 3 to 4 times a week.:slight_smile:

I no longer care for the ones with 6000 nails on them. I only use the “swedish” one, with 600 long, hard plastic nails. You get used to it and it’s much more effective than any of the other mats.