Added links I didn't put there

Hi! How come there are added links after some of my posts? I didn’t put them there!!!?? Thanks, Elisabeth

Hi Elisabeth,

you mean like here? That’s just advertising.

Edit: looks like the ads do not appear when you’re logged in.

No, there were about 4 different links to various Yoga Schools in Sydney, I didn’t look properly yesterday.The only reason I found out was because I got an e-mail informing me of a reply to one of the threads. So I quickly checked it, and to refresh my memory, I scrolled up to read posts by others and me. That’s when i came across those links. A bit strange, especially since they are gone now. Hocus Pocus! -:slight_smile: Magic, etc… ah, it’s a strange cyber world we live in!

Sometime it works weirdly…it might skipped in testing

It sounds like when you returned to the forums, you weren’t logged in. There are some ads which go towards things like paying for the server this site is hosted on which only display if you aren’t logged in. :slight_smile: