Advertisement errors

David -

On that page, there is an ad at the top that seems to take over when you hit the ‘reply’ button and go to the posting page. Whenever you try to click in the typing box, it pops up the page. Like… the clickable area has expanded. I thought it was just me until another member complained about it in the post. Hopefully it will still be there when someone checks this. Thanks!


Ps: The AD that is displaying is this one:

And it doesn’t happen on the main page, only the reply page.

Hmm, what browser are you using?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was likely using Chrome at the time. I’m not traveling with my laptop right now so I can’t check to see if it is still happening or give more info. Sorry!

I think i’ve got this fixed. Whenever you get a minute, can you check please? Thank you! :slight_smile: