Advice on learning restorative yoga to be able to teach it one day


Hi, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice please. I have a chronic illness which leaves me bed bound and house bound most days. I have for a while been doing yin yoga indoors from you tube which helps me greatly. I have also practiced meditation for a few years now which also helps a lot. I have been unable to work for 13 years but I feel I’m just existing day to day. But I finally feel for the first time that I could possibly of found something I could do as work. I’m thinking I would love to learn restorative and yin yoga and eventually teach it to others with chronic illnesses say online somehow. I have been trying to find information on restorative yoga online such as what are all of the poses? Are they adapted from another form of yoga such as hatha and it’s best to learn that first. I just seem to be hitting a wall finding information about restorative yoga, even if I could find a book or something. I’ve found details on yin yoga but all I find for restorative is a description of it but no details of what all the poses are
Can anyone give me and help or advice please? Many thanks