Affordable & Durable Yoga pants for Women


Hello Everyone: Can anyone recommend an affordable & durable yoga clothing line for women? Currently, I have LuLu Lemon Groove pants. They are durable, comfortable, and make me look cute. But, they are EXPENSIVE. I am looking for a more reasonable priced alternatives.

Thank you in advance.


I prefer Organic Yoga clothing which is made out of Organic elements like Bamboo, Hemp etc…


Hi YM!

I loooooove Old Navy Yoga pants! It’s a chore to weed through the mess but I got some yoga pants that are similar but that I like [I]better[/I] than LuLuLemon, nicer material, at el cheapo prices. Very flattering ;o).



Good asana pant is a loose-fitting pant which comes in knee-length and capri-length versions. And if you love this pant you’ll be able to wear it year-round.


You can check these clothes: Omnitom organic yogawear

They are really comfortable, really beautiful, your body can breath in them. And as a yoga I can say that it is really important your clothes to be made if something natural, and they are made from organic cotton. I don’t know how are they as prices, compared to lululemon, but they are worth the price :slight_smile:


I’m curious as to whether there are any resources for used Yoga clothing, or some sort of community of swappers for Yoga clothing and/or supplies. I never like to buy something new when I know there’s plenty out there that is not being used. I’ve never run across any at thrift shops.

And I agree, a lot of Yoga clothing is very much overpriced. And it will continue to be as long as there are people out there willing to pay the cost!


I love to practice naked! Do not need any pants! Such a pleasure and connection to your inner self!


I love to practice naked!

I had to LOL at this because I just recently, accidentally, ran across the playboy yoga video series when doing some yoga video google searches. Totally not was I was expecting at all!

Do not need any pants!

…unless you come to my class…


You should check us out! We are very durable, and not lulu lemon prices. We guarantee our work, and offer a discount for return customers! :slight_smile:


Alo Yoga is a newer brand with similar quality. on their website its about $100/pair, but if you dont care much for colour, Amazon has them for $25/pair! I’m going to order one soon. I tried them on at a marshalls once and I regret I didnt buy. So you might be able to check there too!


Hey guys, this days I was really looking into it
I find $100 leggings really expansive so I just went with the other wway, right?Bought the $22 ones from Amazon, after all they are really a incredible global seller. Incredibly I got a delivery problem, but that was easly resolved. The real problem was the fabric texture against my skin, had a very embarrassing time with a group… can you imagine trying to do a Sirsa Padasana (Head to Foot pose) with a skinny jeans holding you up? Wont tell you that story since my husband just laughted.
So I begin my research trying to find the best price benefit clothing for me and my students, as well as the relatives I pulled into Yoga and gave them as a gift
The online store I found was Fit4L
Im not being sponsored or anything to say this by the way I genuinely think its the best price benefit for feeling good, but also looking good in Yoga
Veeery comfy, stretchy, good looking leggins
and the`re not expansive at all (in my opinion)

Try them once at least, you will see they are a really good fit. Maybe even change your clothing a little.

Silvia- Yoga NZ


hi Silvia1, you can also check out for more leggings options at Aratelis Leggings. :slight_smile: