After a 200 hour training

I am going on a one month intensive 200 hour teacher training next month. After speaking to some of my teachers they told me that usually people don’t get jobs as a teacher until after doing a 500, lots of workshops, and teaching for free.
My question is, in your opinion do you think I would be able to teach for free? There are two local studios, one which I have been going to for about a year, so I would ask the owners there. I really wish to get the experience, but I’m only 17! I feel like it might come off as arrogant and maybe I will not be ready, after all I am still a kid…should I just wait till I do my 500 and practice more until asking to teach for free or should I try as soon as I get back

If you could, would you be able to share how you became a teacher and got a job?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

You should definitely approach the studio and see if you can teach there. I would NOT offer to teach for free. Perhaps you could assist for free, or teach a reduced fee class (community yoga?)

Getting your 500 hour TT will not make you a more desirable teacher to hire. Having experience will make you more desirable. You will probably have to assist for free, teach reduced rate classes, or sub for people at odd hours/days and be available at a moment’s notice until you get some experience. You can also teach private lessons to friends and family as practice. But you really need to teach in order to gain experience and become a better teacher.

If you have not taught classes already, I think that it would be unwise to jump right into teaching as soon as you return. One month intensive courses can be strenuous and very information-heavy. The advice I would share is to give yourself some time to digest and assimilate the information through your own practice, and when you feel ready, ask for an opportunity to teach donation-based or free classes through your studio or another familiar organization. You will also benefit from asking someone to be your mentor through the process, and perhaps they will let you assist or do some demonstrations in their classes. Either of these scenarios will enable you to trial and hone your skills in the real world, boost your confidence, and offer a list of references and experience to studios that would hire you long term. Most studios consider certification as a basic requirement, but are ultimately more concerned with with your confidence, and your capacity for attentively and safely controlling a class full of students. There is no 200 or 500 hour intensive that can teach you how to unleash the power of your inner voice to facilitate the smooth transfer of information, they can only deem you worthy and safe to begin the journey. The certificate is just the first step, whether it is 200 or 500 or 1000 hours. It really depends on how strong of a teacher you are inside, which can only be nurtured by your own practice, and revealed by your own teaching.

if you do 200h now why must you wait till you do 500h even after 500h you will be novice in teaching as this also must be practiced. Just because you do 1000h does not mean you are good in teaching. Teaching also must be practiced to become better.

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