Alkaline Water?


I have been reading about water ionizers and the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Has anyone tried this? From what I have read it seems just too good!



I ONLY use alkaline water. I even have alkaline shower head filters.

Yes, it’s made a HUGE difference in my life. Anyone who’s actually tried the alkaline water for a period of time has always told me that they notice a big difference in how they feel, think, and look.

The difference between drinking regular bottled water and drinking alkaline water is like the difference between wearing clothes that are quite dirty but look reasonably clean and clothes that are actually clean.

(Note: No, I don’t sell them and I suggest to use whichever brand fits your situation. My only interest is to let others know about the benefits I’ve experienced.)


I drink the alkaline water from the [B]Tyent USA Water Ionizers[/B]. The alkaline water tastes good and helps in flushing out the impurities from our body and balances the acid-alkaline body pH. [B]Alkaline Water[/B] also cleanses the skin to prevent premature aging.


Just yesterday I purchased a ‘Santevia’ brand alkalizing ‘stick’ which you place in your water bottle for 15 mins before drinking. I was intrigued because a fellow yoga instructor swears by alkaline water, and after reading up on the subject I wanted to give it a try. For $15 the stick was priced modestly enough to warrant a try.

I think it’s to early to notice any real differences, but the water itself does seem a bit ‘lighter’ and sweeter, if that makes any sense… I’d love to hear more from others about their experiences as well & will post any changes noted.


Does drinking alkaline water lower the acidity of stomach acid?


Great question ( that I cant scientifically answer)! Many of the articles supporting alkaline water do seem like pseudo-science, the more I read about the chemical reactions and physiological assumptions- I appreciate the link trivia posted above.

So far, I notice nothing. I don’t feel more energized or more hydrated compared to how I was feeling before. At this point, I’m glad this experiment was only $15! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=nickmuay;65918]I have been reading about water ionizers and the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Has anyone tried this? From what I have read it seems just too good![/QUOTE]

Try Bioexcel Energy Water Flask - Nano Cup, or Fusion excel energy flask.

wholesalependant (website)


Most people know the benefits of drinking water.
However, the tap water we drink is not pure.Beside the harmful chemicals, there are impurities present that makes the water acidic. Pure alkaline water is healthier to drink as it lacks these impurities which also helps to eliminate toxin and water boosts the body’s health system too.

It is true that water can flush out toxins from the body. However too much acid waste can make this process difficult. Drinking alkaline water, the process becomes faster. The toxins in the bloodstream are placed in the kidneys and liver. From there they are detoxified and the harmful elements destroyed.

The benefits of alkaline water are numerous. By simply making it a part of your diet, health problems can be avoided.


Spring Water Unfiltered… that’s what I like the best… it rises up naturally from the earth and gets purified… some of it comes from melting underground glaciers… it is a living breathing water… I have had kangen water before… it’s not as refreshing as spring water imho… I heard someone call it ‘machine water’ once and that sort of stuck in my mind and I stopped drinking it…


Well there are two kinds of alkaline water:

  1. chemically changed ph using some pills, jars, rods etc (this bad alkaline water)
  2. Ionization through electrolysis (this is good alkaline water)

Ipersonally have been using a kangen water ionizer machine for over a year now, this water ionizer alkalizes the water using electrolysis and thus produces the best alkaline water.

Me and my family has benefited a lot. We have even shared the alkaline water with our friends and neighbours who too had great testimonies.

I would say when it comes to investing in health, go for the best health investment, invest in kangen water filter machine.


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I drink alkaline ionized water form an H2 Series water ionizer from AlkaViva

It's got amazing filtration, awesome pH production and produces molecular hydrogen which has SO many good benefits for your body!

They offer free pH kits to test your body pH (no strings attached):


I chose Kangen water for beautification, I heard this from my friend that it keeps the skin young and fresh, so I also started using Kangen water.