All skidless towels w single nubs are the same

Yes. It’s now almost certain. I have just purchased 5 ‘yogitoes’ after wearing out my original Yogitoe.

Except for that junky one with flower-shaped nubs, they are the same, or so I think. There is indeed individuality, but they have the same blend of petro-textiles and even nearly identical nubs, right down to spacing.

As they seem to all be the same, my fav is the M Yoga one. Not only is it the cheapest @ $10, but it has pockets to secure on the corners of my mat - not that I use them, but I appreciate the thought.

I will report back as to performance over time. So far, again, M Yoga takes the cake, and I am a stinky, smelly, hairy, sweaty, muscle-bound man among men.

I have a new Yogitoe, MyQuest, generic with cool design, and M Yoga. I threw away the one with flower nubs - flowers are kryptonite to men, almost as bad as the color pink and pop singers. Purple is cool tho.

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