Amaroli - Is Drinking Urine Safe?


I’ve been a practitioner of Amarolli every morning for over nine years. I do know that I will continue until this eathly vessel ceases.


[QUOTE=yogacambodia;59745]Seems like a very bad idea to me.
Urine is WASTE…yuck…drinking waste…If your kidneys are working as they should then they are getting rid of waste…and keeping back anything that is not waste…

Your kidneys work to remove the urine from your body…why put it back in?
If you are healthy and your kidneys are functioning and you have water to drink it seems like a waste of time to put into your body something that your body just got rid of… why stress your elimination systems by putting waste back in?
Unless you have no water at all do not drink your urine…[/QUOTE]

Nine years everyday, you words are in ignorance.


[QUOTE=camiam;71338]Nine years everyday, you words are in ignorance.[/QUOTE]

Yes it’s tough to argue with direct experience of trial and error.


[QUOTE=camiam;71337]I’ve been a practitioner of Amarolli every morning for over nine years. I do know that I will continue until this eathly vessel ceases.[/QUOTE]

Today was my 1st day.
Your inspiration.


Blessings to you, things to read if you are novice or not in peak health, ‘healing crisis’ your body Will release toxins and the 'Damar Tantra’


[QUOTE=FlexPenguin;59901]My entire body and mind is repulsed by the idea of drinking urine. I’m going to trust the revulsion instincts as deep wisdom and avoid drinking urine or feasting on defecation.[/QUOTE]

Your ‘deep wisdom’ is very shallow, perhaps breathe work is lacking in your practice that brings you so quick to judge something you are in complete ignorance of.


[QUOTE=bjoy;71369]Today was my 1st day.
Your inspiration.

Yeah, me too.

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:


I can understand my flexibility/energy increasing, deeper melting experiences in any asana than before, boosted my digestive/ excretory system except a pimple on my right corner of my lip and the 'Damar Tantra? says it?s a toxic my body is releasing and I feel the lightness. What more? Steps to ? I don?t know.



As much as I cannot speak of your journey, I am able to share some things with you.
There was a time in my life I had many questions, today there are fewer. That, Which Is, and Always Has Been, Will Guide You, Trust.


Contrary to what most people believe, drinking urine is not only not harmful it is beneficial.
The first urine of the day ie. Between 3am and 4 am (Damar Tantra) is the most beneficial since it also contains (inactive)melatonin.
It is believed that the acids in the stomach reconvert this inactive melatonin to active melatonin which is absorbed.
This particular growth hormone is secreted (by the pineal gland) only during the night and also induces sleep. Melatonin is presently under study as a remedy against jet lag sickness.
Urine contains 95 % water, 2.5% urea, 2.5% of other ingredients like salts, vitamins, proteins, carbon skeletal s of spent proteins etc.

Contrary to what people believe, the kidneys actually reabsorb 30% of the urine that it filters and redirects it to to the colon for what is now known as ?Urea degradation?. The micro-flora of the intestines actually convert part of the urea into Ammonia (they required Ammonia to ?breath?) and in the presence of Ammonia convert urea to lysine and theonine (the only two essential amino acids that a human body cannot synthesize under any conditions) The other so called essential amino acids can be be synthesized if their carbon skeletal is available.

By drinking urine, the urea is not reabsorbed by the body, but is also converted in these two amino acids what are used for muscle building, muscle repair, alleviating depression, strengthening the auto immune system.

And hence the claims of the many urine therapy drinkers that it actually cures so many diseases.

Re-ingesting minerals and vitamins from the urine is no big deal either, what with the excess amount that is consumed with all the garbage that we eat which also included multivitamin tablets that doctor prescribes and we eat not knowing if our body needs it at all in the first place.

As for salts, urine is not the only organ that excrete extra salts. Most of the salts is excreted out of skin while sweating. (Excessive sweating actually depletes salts in the body and NOT excessive urination).

Urea is contained also in the sweat, saliva and in mother’s milk ( Now why would the body excrete urea of all the things in milk to be fed to the new born? - because its beneficial)


Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland only when our eyes are shut. In our blood, the levels of melatonin peaks around 2 AM, but there are significant quantities made between midnight and 6 AM. [i?net]

P? Rejuvenates, say, around + 5 o’clock mornings. Newly found, Magic potion.


Thanks doc for the insight . I will take a nice glass of green tea not green pee …


[QUOTE=Fixed;78764]Thanks doc for the insight . I will take a nice glass of green tea not green pee …

After reading about it please forgive my ignorance


NO thanks. If that was a natural thing our body were meant to leverage our excretory glands would not be located as far away from our mouths as possible. I’ll trust millions of years of evolution over a few thousand years of guesswork and practice. Because lets be honest - it is still a “practice”


I drink my first morning urination everyday, plus I fast on it every other monday, every tuesday, wednesday and saturday. That’s about 15 days per month. I feel better than ever and I get to eat all my high calory vegan treats on the non-fasting days. And contrary to what you might asume I do manage effortlessly to mantain a healthy and steady weight of 11 stones at 6’0", it’s just a matter eating 2 1/2 as many calories on the non’fasting days, :3 yum yum yum.
Here is some literature on the matter – allaboutfasting DOT com – There is no mention of urine fasting but there is mention of such fasts as mine.

Some Benefits of [regular non-uro-therapeutic] Fasting:

Antiaging effects
Better attitude
Better resistance to disease
Better sleep
Change of habits
Clearer planning
Clearer skin
Diet changes
Drug detoxification
Improved senses
(vision, hearing, taste)
More clarity
(mentally and emotionally)
More energy
More relaxation
New ideas
Reduction of allergies
Rest for digestive organs
Right use of will
Spiritual awareness
Weight loss

from Staying Healthy with Nutrition,
by Elson Haas, M.D.