Amrita Kriya Yoga - Online Course with Amrita Baba

”All beings are originally pure, naturally joyful and full of love.
Everyone of us has the same pure enlightened potential like Jesus, Babaji and all other masters do, it just needs to be revealed with specific practices. Through Amrita Kriya Yoga it is possible to heal all our emotional traumas as well as to attain lightbody, the highest of all spiritual attainments, and have lots of fun doing it! Every one of us can fully tap our innate potential and become perfected masters. This has always been the goal of yoga. In fact, there are no other goals in yoga.”

  • Amrita Baba, founder of Amrita Mandala

Spiced with joyfulness and loving devotion (bhakti), Amrita Kriya Yoga is a form of meditative yoga that uses sacred syllables (mantra), special breathing practices, and other advanced techniques to return the body and mind of the practitioner to its original pristine state of Divinity. Through these instructions, we can experience and realize the Perfect Joyful Divinity that lies hidden inside every one of us.

The Amrita Mandala method consists of two paths that support each other and lead to the highest goal of the light body, also known as rainbow body. These are the Path of Healing and Light and the Path of Wisdom and Clarity. Amrita Kriya Yoga is the main practice of the Path of Healing and Light which, as the name suggests, removes and heals karmas and traumas that are stuck in the subtle body, its subtle channels, and physical cells. When both of these paths are finished one becomes a fully enlightened master or a living mahasiddha.

As a small boy, Amrita Baba was blessed countless times by nonphysical masters from the subtle planes. Later, Baba studied with Sivakami Om Anandi, an American lady-siddha, who helped him to better understand his karma and connection with these masters. This led to him learning long-forgotten teachings from great masters such as Agastya, Babaji, and Thirumular. Some of these teachings haven't been taught on Earth for 10 000 years. For the first time in over 10 years, Amrita Baba gives these teachings again.

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Friday 18 August 7 pm – 10 pm (local time, Finland): Introduction and Empowerment
Saturday 19 August 2 pm – 9 pm (local time, Finland): Amrita Kriya Yoga teachings
Sunday 20 August 2 pm – 9 pm (local time, Finland): Amrita Kriya Yoga teachings

The course starts on Friday evening with an introduction and empowerment. Practices will be taught on Saturday and Sunday. Participants must join all sessions from Friday until Sunday as they cannot practice Amrita Kriya Yoga without full attendance. These sessions will not be recorded and you do not have permission to record them. The course includes written material that participants will receive by email.

Registration: If you do not know Amrita Baba, please email him. Introduce yourself and request permission to participate in these teachings. Once you have received permission, you can buy access to the course below. You will then have access to download a PDF-file containing the link for the Zoom meeting.

Baba's email: amrita.baba at hotmail dot com

Website registration:…

Course fees and options:

400€ plus 0 hours of Yogis on Display
300€ plus 5 hours of Yogis on Display
200€ plus 10 hours of Yogis on Display
100€ plus 15 hours of Yogis on Display
0€ plus 30 hours of Yogis on Display

Yogis on Display should be performed within 3 months after the course.

Yogis on Display means meditating and doing your practices in a public place where others can see you. Yogis on Display is Amrita Baba's initiative to bring the practice of yoga and meditation into public awareness starting from everyone's place of living. You are required to make social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, others) with #yogisondisplay of each session you do.

In Amrita Mandala, participants can pay part or full of their fees by performing this public service. Click here for more information on Yogis on Display.


Direct connection with a fully enlightened master is essential in spiritual practice. Amrita Kriya Yoga teachings have been given by the great Indian masters Agastya, Babaji, and Thirumular so it is good to prepare oneself for the course by practicing Agastya's guru yoga. Guru yoga is very widely practiced in the world. You simply say a prayer or repeat a mantra to invite the master and his blessings to you. Then you meet the master by feeling and receiving the blessings. You may invite Agastya to you with the following mantra: OM AMRITA AGASTYA NAMAHA (pron. oohm ahm-ree-tuuh uh-gust-yaah nuh-muh-huh). Chant this mantra as much as possible before the course event. You can chant the mantra during activities, as well as in meditation with closed eyes.