Anal Fissure Sufferer

Hi folks,
Well i'm a 3 year sufferer of anal fissures. I've got 2 yoga books (one is an Iyengar one). So my fissures are healing but I still have a very tight anal sphincter muscle. This has caused me no end of grief over the years. So i'm looking at suggestions for yoga postures that might help relax it and get some blood going to it and relax it or exercise it.

I've put together a little list of the postures I've started doing. Due to being out of work I cannot attend yoga classes unfortunately so it's youtube and the books for now.

My current routine is:
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Ultrasana (Camel Pose)
Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
Arda Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)
Setu Bhandhasana (Bridge Pose)
Viparita Karani (Inverted Pose)
Ashwini Mudra (Pelvic Floor Exercise) I got this off the Breathe Flow youtube channel.

Any suggestions on poses I should be doing? Is it safe to practise Viparita Karni mre than once a day?

Thank you for you help.

John 3:16

I will bless it. dont give away the powers you can have if you deserve them. I’d wiggle on your but and use a little natural organic ointment some b12 and massages plus weight loss if fat,., ,, and a little workout for stimulation swimming might be soft maybe a lake. And drink a lot of water don’t strain, and eat a lot of fruit. Maybe even a liquid diet like you can find from then NHL player who goes by Kailasas Blissful Athlete on YouTube. Also there is Nithyananda teaching you could find on YouTube about a liquid diet

Turmeric use is very beneficial for the healing of any wound.. know more about it curcuminoids