Any recent updates on YTT in Rishikesh?


Namaste All!

I’m new to the forum and have noticed it’s been a while since anyone posted updates on teacher training in Rishikesh.

Finally have the opportunity to make this trip with my daughter and want to insure the most immersive training possible, while not feeling the commercialization that I’m sure exists there to some extent. When I read the original posts from 2010, it appears Yog Peeth was just beginning to gain popularity…now there seems to be at least 20 different programs…with several ying for my $200 non-refundable Paypal commitment.

I would so appreciate any updates, reviews, critiques from yogis who have been to Rishikesh in the past year. Your insights will help make this process less confusing.

Hari Om!



Try Sivananda Ashram Uttar Kashi- Its about six hours drive from Rishikesh. Known all over the world, headquartered in Canada. Has ashrams in Uttarkashi (North India), Trivandrum and Madurai -South India.


I am currently looking at Himalayan Yoga Academy, Sushil Yoga/Chandra Yoga Int’l, Kaivalya Yoga and Nada Yoga. Could I please get some input or recommendations? Thank you in advance!


I will be attending the Avatar Yoga School 200 hour YTTC in Rishikesh next month. I studied there for 6 weeks last year and really loved it, so I’m returning for the TTC this year.


Hi All,

I’ve completed the YTTC at Avatar Yoga School in Rishikesh and just wanted to post an update to say that I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training.



Hi Jessaquarius,
I wanted to complete the YTTC at Avatar Yoga School, can you tell me more about your experience if you don"t mind? I would like to know more about how they teach, if it is really serious…etc. I am a Yoga addict since 3 years and would like to share it now, teaching it. Thanks for helping me!